For people who face the problem of low self esteem, this article provides a number of activities and exercises which can help build self esteem.

Self Esteem Building Activities

Living in a society, you simply can't miss out on meeting people with different natures, skills and qualities. And when you meet different people, you realize how diverse one from the other is. Even though each of us is God's special 'entity', we still cannot distance ourselves from comparisons, and it is due to this comparison that we belittle ourselves, downplaying our positives, which further leads to low self esteem. Another major reason behind low self-esteem is prior bad experience. Just as a favorable incident can leave a person thinking of himself/herself as highly, a dreadful episode can make a person feel unwanted and miserable. And when not bettered or comforted, this feeling can persist making the person feel vulnerable every time he/she is confronted with a similar situation. Having low esteem can be precarious for a person, as he/she is most likely to entangle himself/herself in the web of depression, and end up hurting himself/herself all the more. Low self esteem affects all walks of life, be it personal or professional. Such an individual is usually unhappy with his/her own self and thinks of himself /herself as unworthy of any goodness. In such circumstances, not only is the person unable to perform, he/she has low productivity and efficiency which further depresses him/her. Wondering how to uplift the level of self esteem? Believing in yourself and loving yourself is the only way by which you can cure low self esteem. As stated above, all of us are unique and are embedded with qualities that are akin to none but us. To boost a person's self esteem, it is very important that he/she recognizes his/her unique qualities and starts developing them. In addition to this, there are certain self esteem building activities which when indulged in, help in raising the level of self esteem. Go through them.  
Self Esteem Building Activities
Be Attentive!
Well, this isn't an online school and we aren't your teachers. However, we still coax you to be attentive just like how you were told in school by your teachers. Nonetheless, unlike them, we wheedle you to be attentive to your 'own self'. Listen to what your mind, body, heart and soul are telling you and act accordingly. Remember, when you respect yourself, you will value yourself and thus would automatically raise your sense of self worth and self esteem.
Take Care!
How often do you take care of your own self? Never is most likely to be your answer. Note that if you don’t take care of yourself, nobody would. As such, make efforts to eat right, sleep well, look good, dress properly, exercise daily and so on. Remember, the fitter you are, the better you will feel and eventually, the higher you would think of yourself. And for all of this to happen, you need to take care of yourself.
Self Hypnosis!
Self hypnosis is an authentic and easy way to boost up self esteem. It includes writing down affirming sentences about oneself and reading the same. The principle behind this is that a mind remembers no more than what is taught to it. As such, reading and writing positive sentences will make the mind remember and believe in only those sentences, thus driving out the negativity. One can make use of following sentences during the activity: I deserve to feel good as I am a unique individual with special qualities, I am a nice person, I love my life and people love me and so on.
Celebrity Scrapbook!
Very similar to maintaining a scrapbook of the celebrity you like, the only difference herein is that instead of someone else, you would be the 'star'. The scrapbook would be more of a visual journey of your life with your peaks highlighted. Right from getting the first "A" grade in school to winning competitions, bagging the first position in your favorite sports, participating in cultural programs, the list goes endless. Try to recollect all those moments when you felt special, like college convocation, 16th birthday bash or any other such incidence. Going through the scrapbook would give you a sense of high and would also fill you with a renewed sense of self worth.
Unveil Your Talents!
Just knowing your special qualities and abilities is not where it all ends. You need to use them in activities so that the world knows about them. After all, what use is a hidden talent or quality? By doing this, you would not only be instilling in yourself confidence, but also be using your talents to gain new accomplishments. For instance, if you are good at making crafts, make things for yourself, friends and family members. Similarly, if you are great at painting or sketching, let the canvas be the medium of expressing your thoughts, ideas and views.
Learn An Art!
It is never too late to learn anything. After all, life is a journey and not a destination and all through the expedition, we should be learning new stuffs. So, doesn't matter if you are 25 or 52, learn something that you wished for as a child or something that recently caught your fancy. This would fill in you with a new verve of confidence, assurance and self belief and in no time, the bar of self esteem would rise high up.
Start with the ideas you are comfortable with and gradually as you feel a little more confident move towards other ideas. The crux of these activities is to help you enjoy the beautiful gift of life. Try to indulge yourself in the activities and raise the level of self esteem to unbelievable heights!

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