Finding motivation is easy but holding on to it from one success to another is the real challenge. Read on to get tips for staying motivated.

Staying Motivated

Worked really hard on losing 16 pounds in six weeks and the results are also showing! Now every where you go, you gather compliments by heaps and pounds. What's more, your curvalicious dress that you once bought with the aim of getting thinner fits you perfectly well. So, what next? You start treating yourself for achieving the feat and in the process sadly, gain another 18 pounds in less than three weeks. Well, apparently that is what happens to most of us. All of us are motivated to achieve a goal, but the motivation isn't enough to sustain the effort after the goal has been achieved. Interestingly, this is the case with most of us in general, for when it comes to starting a new thing, there is a lot of enthusiasm and eagerness, but after some time or after a single let down, the motivation levels drop down like a yo yo. Ever wonder why is this so? Generally, whenever we start a new task we only tend to look at the benefits of a work and not at the difficulties involved. We face these difficulties only when we start following the regimen.
Though the initial high of enthusiasm gives the project a lift off from ground, problem arises later on as the path is filled with a number of peaks and valleys. The aftereffect of the surge of energy is that it leaves us tired and worn out and because of it, we lose a lot of confidence and also feel demotivated. So, what is it that a person needs to do to stay motivated? Remember, finding motivation for a task is easy but keeping or sustaining it is a Herculean task. Also, completing or getting through with a single goal is easy but realizing a chain of goals is difficult. It is here that the importance of staying motivated comes to play. If a person is continuously motivated to complete a task, he/she would attain success, no matter what. But if motivation is but a morning pill, know that the effects would be short lived. To help you stay motivated for long, herein mentioned are tips. Infuse them into your living to help yourself stay inspired or enthused.
Staying Motivated
Seeing Through A Task
No matter how simple or trivial is the task that you are assigned, there will be a number of good reasons behind doing it. So, try to find out those reasons. Though you might not be able to find out any good reason behind all the jobs at the first sight, but if you try to see through that job you will surely come up with one or two. Don’t just try to look at the immediate benefits but also try to foresee the benefits down the line. This will help you find some motivation to complete the task and in turn will help you complete the task much faster. A few good reasons can be:
  • A material compensation, like, if you are being paid in cash or kind for a particular work.
  • Personal benefit, in case you are learning something from the task.
  • The task can also be a stepping stone towards the bigger goal which you want to achieve.
Change your attitude towards work. Take every work as a fun exercise and try to build up your interest towards the task. Just as there are different types of people so is there different nature of tasks. In such circumstances, one's like may be other's dislike and one's interest may be other's disinterest. As such, it is very important to first find out the list of things that you find interesting. Also, find a list that interests you the least. This way, it would be easier for you to determine the motivation level. For things that interest you the most, you would have undeterred determination and thus would remain motivated all through.  
Change of Approach
When you feel like quitting a work, give yourself a break and divert your attention from the task to some other matter which interests you. After a while, contemplate the task and try to find out different approaches to do the same. It might be that the approach which you were trying was the most effective and efficient one, but it might not be the most interesting one. So, try to find out the approach which suits you. If after some time you feel that the approach which you tried isn’t working for you try to find out another approach because it is better to concentrate on the goal or the end result of the task rather than the way it is being performed.
Recognizing The Progress
Before starting a work, split it into smaller parts and stages, so that it can be reviewed whenever needed. Doing so will help you keep a track of the work , but here you not only need to keep a track of the work done but you also need to keep checking the bigger picture i.e., you should know how much work is done and how much more is needed to be completed. Keeping track of the task helps in keeping motivation levels high.
Treat Yourself
Ever taught your pet a new trick? You would know that every time the pet gets the trick right, you need to give it a treat so as to keep it motivated. Same is the case with our mind; it needs to be treated after every goal achieved so that it stays motivated for working hard towards the next goal. Rewarding always brings in positive result and is thus, the most powerful way to stay motivated. It isn’t always necessary to keep a material thing as a reward for yourself, you can give yourself a break, set playtime with your little daughter as a reward or anything which helps you stay motivated. The work might seem like a sequence of celebrations if you really want.

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