Do you love the idea of being on TV? Here are some courses in TV anchoring that will help you fulfill your dreams!

TV Anchoring Courses

“I'm sort of the comic relief after a hard day at work. My message is that it's OK to relax.” Larry King was quoted saying that about the exciting profession of TV anchoring. If you are the bundle of joy, and the epitome of quick wit that people just can’t get enough of, then television is a great industry to break into. If you have a face of an angel to complement, your striking individuality, and people are instantly drawn towards you like fireflies to artificial lampposts then a good break in the telly will sky rocket you to fame. People usually turn on the idiot box after a hard day of meaningless jabber; they are usually on the lookout for something to numb their already moldering heads. An all-important sounding talk show or a chirpy pretty thing yodeling about the latest gossip in bollywood is all the fodder they need for relaxing. If you think you can cater to the local masses, then here are some courses in TV anchoring that will give your career a brilliant head start. Realizing your dream as the next Barkha Dutt or Karan Thapar won’t feel like an unattainable fantasy with these courses. Read on to know all about them.

Career in TV Anchoring 

TV anchoring is a talent-based profession; academic qualifications are really a passé when it comes to this profession. All it requires is a good command over the regional language or English, an attractive face and a charisma that will draw people. There are many good institutes, which provide specialization in this course. Good research is an essentiality when it comes to choosing the institute. An acting course in a reputed institute also usually suffices to branch out into TV anchoring. A minimum graduation is the eligibility criterion for most of these courses. However, for certificate courses a 10+2 will also suffice. 

Skills Required
A TV anchor needs to be a powerhouse of knowledge. The art of talking your way out of uncomfortable situations is the most important pre-requisite. The anchor must also be versatile and flexible based on the nature of the program, if the theme of the program is a sappy entertainment theme then the anchor must be jovial, glamorous and should indulge in lighthearted conversation. However if it is hard core news then the anchor must come across as intelligent, hard hitting and passionate about a cause! He/she must also be calm and composed at all times. 

Details Of The Course
The certificate courses include some of these subjects for study:

  • History of Broadcasting
  • News reporting/reading
  • Content for news
  • Theatre exercises to develop acting skills
  • Television production
  • Laws of censorship
  • Mock interviews with guest celebrities
  • War reporting
  • Anchoring for lifestyle shows
  • History of film making
  • History of television in India
  • Voice modulation techniques
  • Physical training
  • Camera
  • Research techniques 

Career Prospects
As a TV anchor, one can work with any entertainment channel as a host in a reality show, game show, comedy show or become a news channel. With more than hundred channels operating countrywide there are plenty of job opportunities available for people in this profession. 

Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In TV anchoring
  • IAAN School of Mass Communication, New Delhi, India
  • Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT),New Delhi, India
  • Pran’s Media Institute, New Delhi, India
  • Center for Research in Art Of Film and Television, New Delhi, India

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