Do you think that you could be the next best thing to happen to MTV? Here are some video jockeying courses to help you realize that unconceivable dream.

Video Jockey Courses

“Ever since MTV happened to me, the girls won’t leave me alone!” a cherubic Cyrus Broacha was quoted saying this with a wicked glint in his eye. True to this quote, it definitely is a strong motivation to become a video jockey. As much as we would like to deny it, we are all suckers for fame. We all want to be those bright shining stars of the television industry, have a huge fan following, sign autographs at a mere sighting and make pot loads of money! Video jockeying is that fun profession where you get to do all that and more. Music channels are the potential employers, who are mainly on the lookout for pretty young things, who charm the audiences with their quick wit and humor. VJ-ing as a profession requires a lot of spontaneity, as the popularity of an entire half hour music show, or dial in show rests on the shoulders of one charismatic chatterbox, whose sole purpose is to get the TRP’s soaring. If you think that, you have an inborn talent to go “blabber-blabber” nonstop and entice people with just a snazzy smile and an equally envious stance then jump into the fame bandwagon! Here are some courses in video jockeying to nurture your virgin talent and make you the most sought after name in the television industry.
Career In Video Jockeying 

Video jockeying does not require any specific academic qualifications. You could be a dropout or just a humble graduate or a postgraduate in mathematics; it doesn’t matter as long as you walk the talk and do it with “style”. Quite a few disillusioned youth try making it big in this profession. People, be warned; all that glamour doesn’t come at a small price, talent is a necessity and not everyone has it in them. However if you think that as far as the talent is concerned you have no doubts then a lot of short term courses are available. Most of these courses have been started by media houses or stalwarts in the industry; their main aim is to introduce you to the industry, making it big is entirely your brain churning headache! No course can give you fame, it can only guide you; the rest is up to you.

Details Of The Course
Most of these courses are 3 months to 6 months in duration. The course details include the following:
  • Techniques to improve voice modulation
  • Posture correction through yoga
  • Theatre exercises
  • Acting in front of the Camera
  • Scripting
  • Modeling and photo-shoots
  • Accent correction
  • Video editing ( includes techniques like cross fading and scratching)
  • Basics of television production
  • Basics of makeup and costuming
  • Lighting techniques
The courses end with an internship program in a reputed music channel.
Skills Required 
Good command over the spoken word, great body language and an amazing screen presence; these are some of the pre-requisites required to be a video jockey. Couple these skills with a wicked sense of humor which will have people rolling on the floor with laughter or a whacky theme like the “MTV bakra” then your road to fame is all chalked out. The only thing left to do is to count your green and stack it up nice and fat in a Swiss bank account! Or buy an island in the pacific! Good looks are not bad, if you have them, flaunt them. In an industry that depends entirely on how you look; a six packer or an hour glass curve is only going to add to your already loaded bank account. However, it is not a major pre-requisite. If you can pass of as a cute fatty you still have takers; it is all about the charisma, if they like you, you are in!
Career Prospects 
“Show me the money” this is going to be your mantra, if you get big in this field. You will have the liberty to reject scripts and shows and eventually branch out into the movies. Once you get famous you become a saleable commodity always on demand, however the tough part is getting there. As terrible, as it sounds it is entirely about that one big break or that one audition where you prove your mettle. Fate and luck are two sides of the same coin and only when the coin fall sideways do you have a chance and an opportunity to live your dreams. It is a highly competitive field, however if the stars align you might just be the next Nikhil Chinnappa or Nafisa Ali.
Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Video Jockeying
  • Purple Rose Arts & Media Institute, Noida, India
  • Asian Academy of Film & Television (AAFT),New Delhi, India
  • International School of Media and Entertainment Studies (ISOMES),New Delhi, India

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