Do you think you have a voice that can be turned into an asset? Here are some voice-over courses that will make you the voice behind the next super bowl commercial!

Voice Over Artists Training Courses

A deep gurgling undertone or a sweetly surreal honey coated whisper, a perfectly straightforward monologue delivered with the conviction of an Indian politician or a cacophonous drunken drawl imitated to perfection! Is this how you manipulate and maneuver your voice, like a formula one racer maneuvering those curvy tracks? Emoting only through one’s voice is not easy and if you think that your voice has the power to shake people off their trance and take notice, then becoming a voice-over artist is a brilliant career option. Voice over mainly involves giving your voice to complement visuals that are either telecasted on television or these days even over the internet. Radio advertisements are also done by voice over artists. With plenty of TV channels and radio stations available there are plenty of job opportunities available for voice over artistes. Here are a few courses that will help you give your career a booming start. 

Career As Voice Over Artists

It is a talent oriented profession and does not require any specific academic qualification. If a candidate can portray a character through only his/her voice conveying the same interpretation, as required by the director then making it big in the industry is not hard. Most people however do not sustain themselves entirely through this profession. To begin with, this can be a source of additional income and after gaining mastery over it, a profession, which also provides sustenance. Owing to excessive competition certificate courses have been introduced. These courses are usually couple of months long and give the candidates some amount of industry exposure or if not anything, help them build contacts in the industry. 

Details Of The Course

The certificate courses offered train the candidates in achieving the following objectives:
  • Developing vocal power, dynamic range & expressiveness [voice modulation]
  • Speaking with authority and passion
  • Improving vocal energy and focus
  • Connecting with your viewers/listeners
  • Marking copies/ writing your own material
  • Breathing diaphragmatically
  • Sounding conversational
  • Speaking effectively and effortlessly
  • Reducing an undesirable accent
  • Reducing vocal fatigue & strain
  • Enhancing voice quality & correcting vocal faults
  • Restoring a damaged or injured voice
  • Managing performance stress/relaxing under pressure 

Skills Required
Voice modulation is one of the key skills required to be a voice over artist. The main challenge lies in lip-synching perfectly with the character on screen and bringing out the exact same emotions emoted by the character. Correct pronunciations as well as voice clarity are essential attributes to make a good voice over artist. Certain infomercials as well as advertisements on radio and TV require the character to possess a particular accent; “Kroor Singh’s characteristic dialogue (“yakoon”) in “Chandrakanta” or Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Tamil accent for the “Chennai Super kings”. A voice over artist must be able to adorn accents with ease, and possess immense flexibility as far as his/her voice is concerned. 

Career Prospects
With the media industry booming voice over artistes are always on high demand. A good voice-over artist can provide his voice in video and radio programs, documentaries, presentations, jingles for advertisements,  Phone software’s, multimedia, and news channels. A voice over artist, if good looking can also move on to broadcasting; he/she can work as a newsreader, anchor or a travel show host. When it comes to radio, he/she can get popular with radio jockeying. Documentary filmmakers are always on the lookout for fresh talent, as they are always looking at a new style of narrative to make the documentary interesting. It is a fiercely competitive field but once you establish yourself, monetary satisfaction as well as personal satisfaction can be achieved. It is important to remember that it is largely a self-taught profession; you can get better at it by recording your voice and scrutinizing it for flaws and irregularities. 

Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses As Voice Over Artists:
  • AAROHA- the Center for Voice and Performance Empowerment in Mumbai, India
  • Indian Voice Overs, Bangalore, India
  • Manchester Community College, USA

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