Warning letter template is your answer to dealing with difficult employees. Read on to learn more on warning letter templates and save your company from incurring more financial damage.

Warning Letter Template

If you are an employer or in the business of dealing with human resources, you might be familiar with the different problems faced in dealing with a set of employees. You might be the most efficient employer, one who is accessible, friendly and tries and provides employees with friendly working environments, but quite deplorably, you might come across a situation where you need to take strict measures to save the company’s interests. You might come across an employee or a set of employees who are continuously making life miserable for you and your company’s ethics. There can be employees who are showing irregularity in their work continuously, or one who is not abiding by the rules and regulations of your firm, etc. In such unavoidable situations, you are left with but one option: to issue a written warning letter to the employee/s. A written warning letter template specifies the cause of warning and is an indirect ultimatum for the employee to correct his/her conduct or performance. Follow the lines below to read further on written warning letter template.
Written Warning Letter Template
Some Occasions Requiring Written Warning Letter 
  • Amateur performance against the guidelines of the organisation
  • Indulging in arguments and use of abusive language
  • Rebellious nature of employee
  • Irregularity and absenteeism without prior information and genuine reason
  • Deviating and disrespecting management policies
Writing A Warning Letter Template
  • Make sure that you pen down facts correctly and accurately in the warning letter. Mention in simple and clear language the reason and the cause behind issuing such a warning letter. The warning letter should read out the exact reason with enough support and evidence.
  • Warning letter should be specific with all the details and incidents correctly mentioned. The letter should be to the point, direct and the exact incident with facts, figures, date and time, and the rule or the condition the employee has failed to abide by should be clearly stated in the letter. Any previous warnings given should be mentioned in the letter to make the person realize that this warning letter has to be taken seriously.
  • A warning letter should not only include the reason and the cause of the letter being sent, but it should also inform the employee about what is expected out of him/her in future. You can clearly state the rule or the guideline which the employee has failed to follow. You can even change your employee’s behaviour by reminding them about their past credibility and achievements and point out how their misbehaviour has affected their performance.
  • The warning letter should come down to a strict conclusion. Mention clearly the time by which you want a positive response from the employee. The time period should be to check the employee’s improvement in the stipulated time and based on that, a decision should be taken.
Example Of A Written Warning Letter Template
(Employee name) Srinivas Reddy
(Job Title) Project Associate
(Department) Marketing
(Administrator or the Authority) Roland Dev
(Job Title) Department Head
Date: 28/07/10
Subject: Written Warning – Irregularity in Performance
This letter is intended to warn you for your irregular performance over the past 5 months. It has been assessed by the Human Resource department and the managing authorities that there has been a drastic declivity in the quantity and quality of your work. Your performance graph sheets for the past five months read that you have failed to continuously abide by the project guidelines and requirements. The graph also projects that you have not been able to meet your targets as well.

You have been earlier warned for your absenteeism without prior notice, and the incorrect format in which the project file was submitted. The company have already been through scrutiny and substantial loss because of the frequent delays in the launch of the product and the continuous mistakes made by you in the project sheet. The management expects you to decide and give a satisfactory and genuine explanation for this kind of misconduct on your part.
Please be advised that further events of this nature are subject to strict disciplinary action and can even lead to your replacement from the project or even the termination of the company’s contract with you.
Roland Dev

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