Surf through this article for a list of opportunities that come alive, both for job seekers and employers in a career fair. The write up mentions the things one must expect in a career fair.

What To Expect In A Career Fair

It is a known and accepted fact that a new experience and opportunities of any kind are beneficial to a person. But, if opportunities seem to be hiding and time seems to be slipping away, we generally tend to ask: “What now?” or “How long do I have to wait?” And, if a career fair is round the corner then the questions can also be: “Will it be useful for me to attend this seminar/fair?” or “Will I gain anything from it?” Doubts and uncertainties are inescapable, especially in case of new candidates running around in search of a decent career. But, these questions are not meant to be asked when you get an opportunity to be part of a career fair! A career fair is a platform for job seekers – freshers and experienced alike – and the employers to come together and discuss their requirements via middlemen like counsellors and head-hunters. Career fairs provide great prospects with respect to learning and sealing important deals. Such an opportunity is worth grabbing since there are many job openings in a career fair for the right candidates.
Things To Expect In A Career Fair
  • Staffing agencies usually have to work a lot in order to collect and process various resumes and then forward them to the respective companies and departments. However, in a career fair, things get a little simpler for them since they can expect to meet hundreds of people and collect resumes from them in person.
  • A career fest is a treat for the employers where they meet countless job seekers and candidates in person. Human resource professionals and recruitment managers set up their stalls and booths, where they interview prospective employees in an attempt to gauge their potential. They, sometimes even make on-spot offers to the deserving candidates.
  • A job fair is not only beneficial for hiring staff but can also prove to be the end of the search for many job-seekers. One reason why they go to such places or forums is to try out their luck with various companies and enterprises without having to travel to all of them separately.
  • Candidates, students and job aspirants can also find career counsellors in these career fests. Professional career advice from the counsellors, seated either in the stalls of various companies or in specially designated areas, can help a lot of people chalk out their career paths.
  • These places can turn out to be a great networking and learning platform for working professionals as well. They get a chance to meet friends and peers from various walks of life and can learn about different fields of work in the industries from each other.
  • Job fair also brings along unique job opportunities for people aspiring for jobs in government and non-profit organisations. This helps widen the scope for new-comers as well as give experienced workers an opportunity to weigh or value their skills in new job arenas.
  • They also provide a ground for prospective employees to create a positive impression on the recruiter as they submit their resumes to the company of their dreams and also get an opportunity to meet them in person.
  • Aspirants, in career fairs, also receive business cards of the recruiters and human resource personnel they interact with. This information can keep the prospective employees and the employers in contact with each other, so that they can follow up if a suitable position in the company arises.
  • One of the most important and obvious thing to expect in a career fair is crowd – lots and lots of people swarm these places in search of decent employment or at times, even as a mode of time pass. So, the few things that you must have with you at all times are patience, humility and lots of time.
As explained above, career fairs are a meeting place for the employers and prospective candidates. These fairs provide a platform that narrows down the search of a job seeker and that of a company seeking talented and aspiring candidates. In such a win-win situation, you know what to expect in a career fair now!

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