Press releases are professional documents that need to be done in a specific format. Take tips from the article that details all the necessary information on writing a press release.

Writing A Press Release

In the current-day media-dominated world, press releases hold a high-level of importance among the publishing community. Press releases hold newsworthy information that is accurate, useful and interesting, and are usually released by business firms, organizations or even individuals to update the world on certain things or events. These documents are usually sent to the editors of newspaper, radio stations, magazines, television networks, etc. to announce some important information. Journalists or concerned people later develop these news-scopes into complete news content. It is important that your press release is catchy and newsworthy, that provides some interesting feeds to the media to grab more readers towards it. As a standard method to communicate information with media, press releases are presented in a specific manner, which is different from other document formats. Go through this write-up to get a brief on the format and general tips on writing an effective press release.
How To Write A Press Release
General Layout
  • The press release should have a headline, which should be brief and catchy enough to grab the attention of more readers.
  • There should be a dateline stating the release date and the origin or place of the incident.
  • The introduction or the first paragraph should lead you to the content.    
  • The news in the press release should be backed with statistics, background or other relevant details that add to the value it.
  • Press release should contain Boilerplate section, which speaks about the background of the issuing company, organization, or individual.
  • Give details on media contact information including name, phone number, email address, mailing address, or any other contact information.
Tips To Write Effective Press Release
  • If the press release is intended for immediate release, then mention ‘for immediate release’, with all letters in uppercase. If it is halted for some time, then mention ‘embargoed until’ followed by the date until which it should be halted.
  • Headlines should always be written in bold letters, typically in larger font than the body. Headlines are usually written in present tense and avoid using “a” and “the’ as well as “to be” form of the verb in certain contexts. Try to include important keywords like the company name to get better visibility.
  • The first word in the headline should be capitalized and include proper nouns. However, make sure not to capitalize every word.
  • The body of the press release should be scripted as you wish it to be expressed in a news story. The first sentence should steer the reader directly to the context of the news with a brief note to update the reader on the event. The following sentences can expand the lead with details. This forms the first paragraph of the press release.
  • It is better to avoid offensive language and jargons. Make sure your article covers all aspects of subject and answers who, what, when, where, why, and how, and is logically connected and sequentially arranged. A press release should ideally be less than three pages with double-spaced lines.
  • Make it exclusive and try to bring out a social effect/purpose about the content. For example, “helps people to maintain good health” to fit the matter into the social context, which makes your news content more relevant. 
  • Contact information should always be enclosed for the journalists to get back to you for more information or for further reference and research, if your press release is newsworthy.
Sample Press Release
XXX Food Supplements (P) Ltd.
2 C.G Street, FL 35367
Phone– 123.456.7890
Fax – 123.456.7890
Contact: Justin Williams
Office: 123.456.7890
Pager: 123.456.7890
XXX food supplements announces their new product release.
XXX food supplements (P) Ltd., the international business organization and a food-supplement giant announces the release of their new product on 15 April 2011 at their Washington Office.
“XXX Food supplements has been helping people to maintain good health since 1956 and still we do” said company CEO James Clarke on announcing the release. “We are now extending our service further to support our customers to life healthy and better and there is nothing best that this give back”, he added.
XXX Food supplements (P) Ltd was founded by Justin Williams as a small establishment in Washington and emerged as leading health supplements provider in a short span of time with more than 12,500 employees working at different manufacturing units and retail outlets.  The company now has a strong product line with more than hundred products and is planning to introduce more. The company has been awarded as the best health supplements provider for many years owing to their unmatched quality and customer service.
“The product will be released soon to the market so that our customers can be benefitted at the earliest. We hope this support be with us forever helping us to help you always,” said Williams expressing his joy at this special occasion.
So, these were some effective tips to write an impressive press release. The sample given serves as a point of reference on how to detail things on a press release. 

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