Read on to find out about courses in materials management and figure out how dealing with material can be a course in itself.

Courses In Materials Management

Materials – both raw and finished – form the basis and result of businesses around the world. There sure has been an emergence of knowledge based services and business but no one can overrule the good old inventory. Even KPOs require inventory, of different sorts, i.e. books and other technical stuff. However, materials management deals more directly with more specialised and more demanding materials like nuclear and other hazardous materials. Materials management creates truck deliveries and service vehicle routes that reduce conflicts for vehicles and pedestrians. It makes delivery sites and loading docks more effective by eliminating redundancy. Cost reduces when the same is applied for solid and hazardous waste removal, storage, and recycling. All in all, it is another highly specialised area in management that one can think of.
Materials Management Courses
Course Details 

Materials management is a highly specialised course and, depending upon the nature of materials involved, can be both general as well as extremely specific. For a materials management course, an individual requires a bachelor’s degree or diploma in any field. If the individual seeks specialised courses like nuclear waste management, then he/she should have a prior education and exposure to the kind of material involved. Institutes also tend to favour candidates with prior work experience in the relevant field and this experience usually makes up for lack of relevant education and a regular bachelor’s degree suffices. 

Details Of Course Curriculum
The course curriculum for materials management, however specialized, cannot afford to rule out the general management subjects in favour of the rather specialised materials subjects. Hence the course curriculum, along with all specific materials related subjects, also includes a dash of management principles which are a must in any and every department of an organisation.

The General Details Of The Materials Management Curriculum Are:

  • Management Principles
  • Management Functions and Behaviour
  • Quantitative Methods.
  • Business Economics
  • Accounting and Finance.
  • Purchasing Management
  • International Trade
  • Operations Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic cost & Financial Management
  • Business Strategies and World Class practices
  • Advanced Supply Management
  • Packaging
  • Distribution Management
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resource Principles
  • Business Law 
  • Project Management
  • Decision Support System
  • Operation Research
  • Marketing Management
  • Total Quality Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Nuclear Materials Management
  • Hazardous Material Management

Skills Required
The skills required would include all the basic managerial skills like people management, communication skills, organisational skills, focus, decision-making skills and awareness. Along with these, one would also need a generous dose of analytical skills as the work required is to rule out redundancies by continually working out better ways to deal with materials. Individuals with a degree in mathematics may stand to gain even more considering their familiarity with CPM.

The required logical skills may very well keep individuals ahead in calculating the requirement of materials with perfect timing, but a good grasp of computer and other technical softwares cannot be taken for granted.

Career Prospects
A lot of opportunities are available to professionals from the material management domain. There are attractive incentive schemes to keep such individuals loyal to their companies in response to the sudden demand and supply gap that has occurred in this area. With the advent of nuclear energy initiatives, individuals now have a huge scope in the public sector as well. Although the entire field of materials management may not be as challenging as the nuclear management department, there is nonetheless enough in the rather regular private sector to keep all materials management graduates happily employed. Other public sector departments like defence, railways and public transport organisations also offer professionals with various employment opportunities in purchasing, storing and supplying. This field slowly but steadily makes way for the broader and equally lucrative domain called logistics or supply chain management.

Best Institutes

Some Of The Top Institutes Offering Post Graduate Diploma In Material Management In India Are:
  • Indian Institute of Materials Management, Bangalore
  • Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management (IISWBM), Kolkata
  • Indian Institute of Materials Management, Mumbai
  • Indian Institute of Material Management, Daryaganj
  • All India Institute Of Management Studies, Chennai

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