Disaster management is a discipline that deals with avoiding and managing risks. Peer into this article to know what it takes to build a career in disaster management.

Disaster Management Courses

Disaster management, also known as emergency management, comprises all efforts taken to avoid risks and manage risks in the event of the occurrence of the same. The discipline of disaster management gives sufficient importance to the preparation for a disaster even before it occurs. Generally speaking, disaster management involves the steps taken by individuals, groups, organizations or communities to manage disasters and nullify the undesirable effects of the same. Effective and capable disaster management depends on the successful implementation of contingency plans at all levels to manage and counter the effects of the disaster. Disasters here can refer to anything ranging from a fire breaking out in a building to natural disasters like earth quakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes or tsunamis. Individuals who face the brunt of a disaster will be hoping against hope to get relief from the steps taken by disaster management experts. In recent times, due to the importance given to the art and science of avoiding and handling disasters, the same has become an attractive career option for students. There are at present a number of reputable institutes that offer courses, mostly certificate and online courses, in disaster management for both students and working professionals. Read on to know what it takes to be eligible for a course in disaster manager, the career prospects and the best institutes offering courses in career management.
Courses In Disaster Management  

Although there are institutes that offer MBA degrees in disaster management, most people opt for certificate courses in the same. To be eligible for a course in disaster management an individual should be done with his/her 10+2 years of formal education or an equivalent. Most of the certificate courses are put ‘up for grabs’ only for a short period of time and are suitable for both students and working professionals. These courses helps prepare students or enrolled individuals to react accordingly to emergencies that may break out during their course of their lives. For an individual desiring to do a MBA degree in disaster management, he/she should be done with or hold a bachelors degree in any discipline. Individuals can also do online courses in disaster management offered by quite a large number of institutes. 

Details Of The Course
A course in disaster management or even a degree in the same will focus on empowering students with both disaster management skills and management skills in general. Students will get an insight into assessing risks, avoiding risks and managing disasters. Courses will focus on strategic management, financial analysis and human resource management. Advanced courses will focus on the nuances of disaster management, risk assessment, research methods, business continuity management, management of urban disasters and disaster theories. Students will be taught to understand disasters and its management from a scientific point of view and the use of technology in the predictions and reactions associated with disasters. 

Career Prospects
In spite of the importance given to disaster management in organizations all over the world, it still is an emerging discipline. However, this does not mean that an individual with a degree or diploma in disaster management will find it difficult to land a job. Job opportunities in disaster management usually exist in the form of government jobs, jobs with emergency services and local authorities. Disaster management experts can find employment in non-governmental organizations, relief agencies and international agencies. They can be of assistance to civil servants, the police, fire fighters, defense personnel and the others involved in protective services. Disaster management jobs also exist in private companies and are comparatively well paying. Careers in disaster management are not limited only to people who have taken up courses in the same, it can also stretch out to the others. Environmental experts, rehabilitation workers, medical experts, engineers, social workers, etc. can all build careers in the ‘art and science’ of managing discipline.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Disaster Management
  • Grand Canyon University, United States of America
  • Skyline Business School, New Delhi, India
  • Jacksonville State University, United States of America
  • Eduway Institute of Management & Technology, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
  • Skyline Institute of Travel & Tourism, New Delhi, India
  • Walden University, Minnesota, United States of America
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi, India
  • Dr. V.N. Bedekar Institute of Management Studies, Thane, Maharashtra, India

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