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What Computer Skills Should I Put On A Resume

Computer skills are indispensable for jobs nowadays because computers find application in almost all areas of work. So, never wait for your interviewer to quiz you about your computer skills – list them right away in your resume. Do you know that a resume which either lacks a reference to computer skills or fails to communicate the skills properly is likely to almost never generate a response from the interviewer? And since the first round of scanning is usually done by softwares for most of the companies, resumes without desired skills are discarded without a second look. So, you must be careful while enlisting your skills in the resume. Of course, nature of the skills to be listed in the resume varies according to the job profile. For example, for an entry level job such as data entry or general administration, basic skills such as knowledge in MS-Office along with average typing speed and browsing skills etc are enough. But, if you are trying for a technical position, such as a software engineer, then the focus should be on the software skills rather than the basic skills. Organized presentation of skills makes your resume appealing. It is important that you list it from the employer’s point of view. Read on for more details!!
Computer Skills To List On A Resume
Tips On Listing Computer Skills
  • Never give a generalized statement like ‘excellent computer skills’ in the resume because this doesn’t specify what computer skills you possess. It keeps the resume ambiguous and makes it unappealing. Give a bulleted list of your computer skills under specific subheadings like ‘software’, ‘languages’, etc. Make sure that the job-relevant skills are listed on top.
  • While listing computer skills, you need to specify the most recent version of the application/software known to you. It automatically establishes your proficiency in the older versions and so, you can avoid listing older versions.
  • Group similar programs under same heading rather than leaving them scattered. For example, group all software programs under a common heading. Likewise, list all languages under the same heading. This will keep your resume organized.
  • Be honest while listing skills. Never lie about skills because each job demands certain computer skills which are essential to carry out the work effectively. If the selection process happens on the basis of wrong information, the candidature would get cancelled, causing wastage of time, both for the job seeker and job provider.
  • It is important that you include keywords like ‘software integration’ ‘troubleshooting’ etc. in the resume because it is essential for the pre- programmed resume scanner to identify your skills while scanning for keywords. The chances of your resume making it to further rounds depends upon the identification of desired keywords by the software/s.
  • Search for relevant keywords for the desired job profile and include them in your skills so that your resume passes the software scanning round.
Examples For Computer Skills
  • Operating systems include Windows, Mac, Solaris, UNIX, AIX, Free BSD, Novel etc.
  • Softwares/Applications include MS–Office, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Quick book, World ship, Auto CAD, Oracle etc.
  • Languages include C, C++, Java, Pearl, Bio Pearl, Python, etc.
  • Technical skills are different for different jobs. For e.g., technical skills for network engineers include building CISCO remote access network, CISCO LAN switch configuration, CISCO PIX firewall boot-camp, CISCO network design, CISCO network trouble shooting, routing protocols etc.
  • Technical skills for software engineer include basic skills like designing flow chart and languages, ability to use markup languages like XML, knowledge in basic scripting languages like Java, knowledge in network protocol, software integration skills, basic mathematics and engineering skills etc.
Listing computer skills in your resume is not an ‘added advantage’ – it is a basic requirement to keep your resume valid and relevant in the current job market. Consider above mentioned tips and examples and incorporate them in your resume to make it look more vivid and organized.

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