To avoid being listed in the books of negative publicity, go through the list of ensemble not to wear to work, illustrated in this write-up.

What Not To Wear To Work

A well-buttoned blouse with pressed trousers, complete with closed-toed shoes, for a woman is a turn-on in any organization. And so is a business suit with a tie for men! Clean-cut and carefully styled hair, simple and traditional jewelry, and subtle make-up are add-ons to the neatly dressed and formal office wear. Though some organizations lay down set rules or a dress code for their employees, most of them free their staff to sport any kind of attire they feel comfortable in. And that’s exactly where the problem starts. While most employees working in such an organization dress up decently, there are others who land up turning as fashion disasters. Many people are guilty of fashion faux pas without even realizing that they form a part of it, and this lack of judgment often results in getting passed over for a job or promotion. Dressing up too sexily or awkwardly can be an extreme disaster at office. Listed are some don’ts for office attire which can otherwise reflect poorly on the wearer. Steer clear of any fashion that is a big-no in the professional world.
What Not To Wear To Work
Excessive Cleavage
Revealing too much of cleavage tops the list of fashion faux pas. Studies show that women who dress up in extremely sexy attires in a professional environment often end up being ignored for promotion than women who turn up dressed more conservatively. As such, cleavage-baring tops should be avoided at workplace. You have better ways to look feminine. Chic sheath dresses, pencil skirts and flirty blouses, all teamed up with a blazer, make an appropriate alternative.
Mini Skirts
Sporting a too-short skirt is an indication of covering up the deficiencies. Revealing your knees will distract people when they approach you as they would be directed towards your bottom rather than your face, where it actually should be. Therefore, restrict your short knee skirts to outings after office hours. Your skirt should not necessarily be ankle length, but put on one that doesn’t show too much of your skin when you sit down.
Sheer Clothes
Agreed that it’s summertime and you can’t stand the heat. But that does not mean you have to reveal the scorching heat through your see-through and filmy clothes. You aren’t modeling for a lingerie advertisement nor do you plan to convert your office into an intimate setting, do you? Clothes made from materials, like organza and liquid jersey are good to look and feel at, but they reveal the outlines of your legs and, much more, in the light. As such, always hold up your dress in a bright, naturally lit room to see whether it’s revealing or not. Besides, if you simply cannot stand the heat, wear camis or under jackets under your transparent blouses.
Tattoos & Piercing
You may have got a tattoo or a piercing done when in college; and the same would have garnered a lot of eyeballs and compliments but this isn't college and neither are the people in the organization your best of buddies. So, no matter howsoever you might hate it, if your tattoo or piercing is at the exposed part of the body, get it removed before you are tagged unprofessional. If getting them removed permanently is not possible, you can at least take out your piercing, or cover up your tattoo with a concealer while at work.
Revealing Undergarments
Visible panty lines, peek-a-boo bras, and thong tops can set the stage on fire but you sure don't intend the same to happen at office, or do you? There are a number of specialized undergarment brands and stores selling lingerie of all types to consumers with different problems. Besides, there are even stores that have trained staff to measure your size and help in finding you the right fitting undergarments.
Unkempt Hair
Imagine yourself walking into your workplace with unkempt and disheveled hair, wrinkled clothing, and mismatched outfit? Know that the kind of disorganization you carry with yourself will be assumed with your work performance as well. True to any other place, first impression plays a major role in the professional environment as well. Thus, have a good haircut and style it properly before you leave for office every day.
Grungy Beards
Many companies prefer clean-shaven men. But since sporting a beard has become a fashion statement, it doesn’t mean you can play with your facial hair the way you want it. If you aren’t willing to shave off your grown beard, keep it at least neatly trimmed. And do not forget to look into the mirror after gulping down that yummy powder-sugared doughnut!
No Seventies Please
Stand in front of the mirror and observe yourself for five minutes. Do you still dress up in one of those 70s or 80s power suits that are no longer in fashion? It’s time to update and upgrade yourself with the fashion sense of the present millennium. Avoid suit jackets with shoulder pads, long four button jackets, and loose trousers. Putting on outdated clothes will surely make you stand out in the crowd, not for good reasons though.
Poor-Fitting Clothes
Nothing can be more than a sartorial nightmare than a classiest outfit which looks too baggy in the bum or a button at the chest that keeps pulling apart. Always wear clothes that have enough mobility - the pants should neither be too tight nor should the skirts be too narrow. If you doubt your fitting, always buy your apparels from a departmental store that has an onsite tailor. Besides, if you have gained or lost weight, get your clothes adjusted by a nearby tailor. A few tweaks can get you the most authoritative look at work. Try it out!
By avoiding the above humiliating and shameful dressing sense, you can sport a presentable outfit that lies in the middle of the spectrum of today’s dress code. Go ahead and sport a cool look at your organization!

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