A course in accessory design can be your big ticket to bigger and brighter things in life. Read more on accessory course designing to have a fair idea on it.

Accessory Designing Courses

Aspiring to become the next Louis Vuitton? If designing is your passion and fashion your forte, then a degree in accessory designing can be your big ticket to the glam world. Accessory design is one of the latest career trends that seem to have caught the fancy of many. We don’t blame them! After all this is one profession where the designers get to design all cool stuff ranging from gloves, to scarves to belts and more. Not only this, a career in accessory design can open your doors to the runways too. So what are you waiting for? Take a quick look through the courses in accessory design and live your dream.
Courses In Accessory Design
Course Details

You do not really need to be an uber-chic fashionista or have outstanding grades to pursue a career in accessory design, but style, passion, supercreativity and drive! However, earning a specialized degree in accessory designing from leading fashion and art schools can position you for sleek jobs in fashion houses and glam stores. Several fashion and fine arts schools offer specialized courses as well as graduate programs in accessory designing. In order to enroll in associate or undergraduate programs, students must possess high school diploma and must pass standardized entrance tests. Most graduate and advanced programs entertain previous on-hand experience in designing and may request portfolio of creative work together with college transcripts during admission.   

Course Curriculum
The core curriculum of accessory design is well defined and is designed to offer integrated expertise in fashion, lifestyle accessories, design methodology, trends and forecast interpretations, market dynamics and more. The program caters to the wide spectrum of accessories and lifestyle products, precious and costume jewelry, footwear, giftware, leather goods, watches, silverware, tableware and other lifestyle products. The basic coursework involves: 

  • Materials and Processes
  • Accessory Design and Industrial Studies
  • Design Development and Range Planning
  • Portfolio and Skills Development
  • Design and Realization
  • Advanced sewing and construction
  •  Patternmaking and design,
  • Computer aided design
  •  Tailoring and Accessory Design 


The areas of specializations include:
  • Corporate & Business Accessories
  • Footwear & Carriables
  • Jewelry & Precious Products
  • Interior Products & Handcrafted Accessories
  • Personal & Interior Accessories
  • Home & Fashion Accessories 

Skills Required
If you are creative, curious, stylish and have enough verve to translate your ideas into haute couture accessories, then a career in accessory designing may be your stuff. Designing is a serious business and it takes acute aesthetic refinement and creative knack to do justice to it. Aspiring designers wanting to join the fashion taskforce should have an up-to-date idea on nouveau trends and have a wide grasp of economic parameters and technical skills. In-depth of understanding of technology, marketing, production and sales is always an added advantage. Apart from that students should have an impeccable flair for style, perfect artistic skills, great sense of color and textures and more. Passion, patience, perseverance, dedication and, commitment are just other complementary skills required for this profession. 

Career Prospects
Clothes maketh a man, but accessory adds to his fashion sense! If you wish to be a major force in the fashion industry, then putting your passion and skills into accessory design can push your career to great heights. The beauty of this business is that you can start your craft from your kitchen top and then push your designs to retail and designer stores for world to know. Aspiring designers pursuing a professional course in accessory designing can expect to find job as designers, product managers, brand managers, visual merchandisers and entrepreneurs in areas like leather goods, precious and costume jewelry, tableware, giftware, watches, footwear, handicrafts and lifestyle products etc. What’s more, if you have the right f entrepreneur skills, you can even own your own accessory line.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally         
  • DNADS Institute, Hyderabad  
  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), New Delhi
  • University Of The Arts London, London
  • Arch Academy of Design, Jaipur
  • Art Institute Of Portland, Portland
  • Miami International University of Art And Design, Florida
  • Savannah College of Art And Design, Savannah
  • Concordia University, Montreal
  • Domus Academy, Milan
  • Polimoda, Italy
  • The Arts Institute, Florida
  • Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York
  • University Of The Fraser Valley Canada

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