If you are someone who never says 'no', then the following tips on how to maintain assertiveness in the workplace might change the way people look on you.

Assertiveness In The Workplace

You have slogged your brains and exhausted your energies trying to put up an important presentation for an associate but at the end of the day it’s your co-worker and not you who walk away with all the applause. Feels bad, right? If you have allowed others to walk over you time and again, maybe it's time to change things now. Assertiveness, as Oprah Winfrey states it, is “the disease to please” and nowhere does this malady run more rampant than in the workplace. Most often, people succumb to workplace pressure in their efforts to please their superiors, supervisors, and associates. While it’s good to be the ‘nice guy/gal’, yielding to such pressures frequently only reduces your worth to that of a door mat. Here, the importance of being assertive rolls in. Being assertive implies standing up for your rights and beliefs, irrespective of what other feels or says. An assertive person knows to stand his/her grounds and assert his/her worth even in the direst of circumstances. So stop being a chicken-heart and learn to say no. Here are few effective tips on how to maintain assertiveness in the workplace. Read on to know more.
Developing Assertiveness In The Workplace 
  • Remember, the world has no respect for a whiner and a leader for a brown noser. While it is good to be accommodating and pitch in your valuable contribution when required, being subservient to your boss’ every whim and fancy would only reduce your professional dignity to that of a sidekick. Pride over your feats and accomplishments and don’t let your skills take a backseat in your endeavor to impress your honchos.
  • You are accountable for who you are. Never let any shortcoming or incompetence belittle your standing. While you are at your job, focus on the big picture and garner as much info as possible about your competitors, latest advances and more. Not only will this boost your job satisfaction but also bring you under a more positive light.
  • It’s important to co-operate while at work but it’s a sin to allow yourself to be ‘used’ by others. Remember, doing donkeywork won’t land you anywhere. Just learn to say ‘no’ and get out of the rut. While declining a polite request may not be an easy bet for you, understand that being dumped with extra favors won’t do any good to your dignity. Assert your self-respect and slam a big ‘no’ next time your ‘late-for-date’ co-worker lands up with a favor.
  • Just because you ran into an ugly brawl with your buddy doesn’t mean that you have to turn your workplace into your reconciliation ground. Never let your personal life cut into your professional turf. Leave all your personal disagreements and woes outside office doors and avoid discussing your personal life with your professional mates. This will only project you in a poor light later and even earn you the official status of ‘blabbermouth’.
  • If you wish others to esteem your worth and assert you in a positive light, nothing better should work in your favor than being a patient audience. After all, you have heard of the saying, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. People who make good listeners also have a great audience, which makes it easier for them to assert their dignity when in need. So if you want others to respect you, just listen. 

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