Are your employees giving you a tough time? If yes, then handing out employee warning notice might straighten things for you. Here's how to write warning notice to employee.

Employee Warning Notice

Like it or not, one of the sticky side of running a business is that once in a while you have to book an employee on grounds of incompatibility, performance, or any other issues. And doing so, clearly, isn’t the easiest of all tasks. While firing someone is a tricky bet, you can always take the easy way out and do away with a primary warning to set things straight. Nevertheless, if all heeds fall on deaf ears, than termination may be inevitable. After all, you wouldn’t really want to do with troublemakers around, right? It’s general human tendency to turn lax and take a few liberties when there is no one around to supervise. This might lead to a bunch of few undisciplined employees that might upset the equipoise of the organization. In one such case, managers can issue employee warning notice to bring things back to track and check the mismanagement. Employee warning notice is better seen as a corrective measure meant to induce discipline among the workforce. Here’s more on employee warning notice.
Warning Notice To Employee
  • Before you bawl out your employee with a warning notice, remember to verify your facts and state your cause of action clearly. For instance, if a particular employee is held of misconduct, cite the grounds for disciplinary action directly rather than beating about the bush.
  • Be very specific with your warning notice and remember to cite exacts dates, facts and persons involved. If you are not sure of the dates and other facts, then referring to the actus reus with regard to the code of conduct will do. Also, don’t forget to include office policies in your notice. Moreover, you need to be firm.
  • Take care to mention about what is expected of the employee and where is he/she straying from the prescribed norms. Remind him/her of his/her past credibility and feats and inform how his/her misconduct can tarnish his/her individual as well as collective exploits. Refrain from being downright accusatory in your tone. Rather sound empathizing enough to allow the employee scope for improvement.
  • Wind up your warning with a notice period, asking the employee to come around and mend his/her ways within the substantial time limit without violating any prescribed norms. Also, remember to notify that if the employee is found to violate any guidelines or continues with his/her poor conduct, then the company will be forced to terminate the job contract without further consideration.
Employee Warning Notice Sample
(Employee name) Kunal Kapoor
(Job Title) Project Manager
(Department) Infrastructure
(Administrator or the Authority) Ravin Mohan
(Job Title) Department Head
Date: 28/07/2010
Subject: Written Warning – Unsatisfactory Performance
This warning notice is being given to you for your poor performance over the past 3 months. The management and concerned authorities after months of close monitoring have come to the conclusion that you have failed to meet the targets allotted to you for the past 3 months considering which your performance has come down. You frequent absenteeism and laziness has added to your backlog. The projects given to you have already been extended by three weeks that have incurred substantial loss to the company. You are thus expected to give a detailed explanation as to what caused the incomplete targets. In addition, your conducts with your seniors have been found difficult and domineering. Please note that further reports of this nature are subject to stern disciplinary measures and can also lead to the termination of your employment with us. 
Ravin Mohan

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