Have you always dreamt of conquering the skies? Read on to know all about courses in aviation.

Aviation Courses

There hasn’t been a time in our lives, where we have not looked up the sky, staring at its majestic expanse and the brilliant blue merging with the sparse white clouds and wondered “someday… someday I am going to conquer these skies, I am going to help build one of those crazy machines that will soar up the sky”. Airplanes are like a lightning bolt to our imagination; they take us to that wonderful place where everything is possible. Is there truly, a bigger wonder then the ability of a man to fly! Are you one of those die hard romantics who is in awe with the very concept of flight? Do you always wonder how something that is heavy; housing more than 300 people cuts through the clouds to transport you to your destination within a blink of an eye? Magic carpets and winking jinn’s, all promised us flight; a leash of freedom that we all crave for subconsciously, but it was with the advent of airplanes that the desire got its first shape of reality. If you are looking at turning your dreams into a reality, then read on to know all about courses in aviation.
Courses In Aviation
A candidate aspiring to be in the aviation industry should have completed his 10+2 from a recognized educational board. Based on which subcategory of aviation a candidate wants to take up, he/ she can pick his/her elective in the under graduate level. For instance, if a candidate aspires to be an aeronautical engineer, then the candidate should have chosen the electives physics, chemistry and mathematics. The same is true for aircraft maintenance. However, if the candidate is aspiring to be cabin crew executive, then any elective at the 10+2 level is fine.
Details Of The Course
Aviation as such is a broad field and there are a number of courses one can take up in the aviation industry. The common courses taken up by people include the following:
  • Aviation Safety Training Course
  • Pilot training  
  • Commercial Pilot Training
  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course
  • Cabin Crew & in-Flight Services

A brief overview of each of these courses is given below. Based on the candidate’s interest; he/ she can take up any of the courses.

Aviation Safety Training Course: This course mainly deals with safety issues that might arise in an airplane. It gives the candidate an upper hand when it comes to dealing with hazards. The course details include the following:

  • Basic Safety Concepts
  • Policies and organization for safety
  • Fundamentals in managing risk
  • Safety Management Systems
Cabin Crew & In-Flight Services: If you are aspiring to be an air hostess, then this is the best course for you. The cabin crew diploma lets you gain a deeper knowledge of the role of a cabin crew. The course also includes personality development and includes electives like yoga.
Pilot Training: The pilot training courses requires the candidate to physically fit. The best way of learning how to fly economically is join the air force. Combined defense services examination in India is the way to go if you dream of flying a Mig-31.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course: Aircraft Maintenance engineering course is a basic course, required for entering the field of maintenance and repair of aircraft and its accessories. The study modules included in the course are the following:
  • Aircraft rules
  • Theory of flight
  • Aircraft electricity
  • Civil Aviation Requirements
  • Aircraft materials & processes
  • Aircraft inspection & repair
Commercial Pilot Training: The first step includes obtaining the students pilot license which includes 60 hours of flying, comprising of 20 hours of dual flying, 20 hours of solo flying and 5 hours cross country flying. Theoretical examinations have to be passed in subjects like Air Regulation, Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Aircraft and Engines. For the commercial pilot’s license, another 190 hours of flying is required, which makes it a consolidated 250 hours of flight training.
Based on your interest and experience, you can specialize in any of the large variety of roles that are available and you see yourself fitting into. The specialization is usually either a certificate course or a 1 year diploma program. The specialization adds value to your skill set and the industry takes you more seriously.
Career Prospects
The airline industry is of a massive size and their requirements are only growing. As someone interested in aviation, you can look for a career in aerospace or aviation engineering, aviation maintenance, flight crew, management aviation or government civil aviation departments. The other hot favorites among fresh graduates are cabin crew, operation executive and air hostesses.
Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Aviation
  • Acme Flight Training, UK
  • British Airways Flying Club, UK
  • Fly San Diego, UK
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics, Delhi
  • Bharat Institute of Aeronautics, Patna
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautics Science, Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science, Kolkata
  • Avalon Aviation Academy, Aptech House

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