Want to look and feel charming to the outside world? With some positive changes on your mind, unravel hidden secrets for being a charming and magnetic personality.

Being Charming

What do George Clooney, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barrack Obama, and Bill Clinton have in common? Agreed that they are successful celebrities and eminent figures, but what makes them distinct in the crowd is their charismatic and charming personalities. Does that mean other notable individuals are not charming? Or do they lack the characteristics of being charming? Well, while everyone has his/her own unique way of presenting himself/herself to the outside world, there are only a handful of people who deem to be charming. It’s the comfort that they have with themselves, they are positive, and are able to incorporate others in the fun. To cut things short, a charming individual is one who can make other people feel like they are on board the same ship. Attractive, welcoming, and polite personality is what defines a charming person. Well, that was for defining and differentiating charming people from the rest of the world. Talking business, this trait proves extremely beneficial and fruitful, in terms of earning respect for yourself and creating ways to reach to the next level. For this, building some amount of charm is important. With some minor changes in your thinking and attitude, you can enhance your charm.
Being Charming
Be Gentle and Polite
If you are really keen on learning how to be charming, you first need to learn the art of politeness. Your presence will be appreciated only if you are polite, gentle, and cordial, unlike people who are always rude and grumpy and still, expect respect from others. Being a little polite will not do any harm, but will evoke feelings of politeness in other people as well. Once you are into the process of turning yourself a little gentle and polite, in no time, you will actually master the degree of politeness. Give it a try!
Show Interest in People
Being a charming person does not only talk about being polite and attractive. You need to be welcoming and genial as well. So, whenever you meet a new person, inquire about their immediate family and interests, and make sure that you remember them. However, do not try to be too nosy as the person may feel uncomfortable and find you interfering. Also, do not open a talking shop; it’s all about networking which can be successful by showing the right amount of interest and impression into the person you are interacting with.
Look Good
Looking good and maintaining a good posture plays a major role in building a charming personality. Maintain a relaxed and definitive upright posture while walking with your spine long, shoulders back, and head level with the ground. You may find it awkward initially, but with practice, you will get a hold of it. Furthermore, personal grooming and appearance is also vital for a charming individual. Take some extra efforts to look attractive and pleasing without being overly conceited and flashy. Look the way the world will accept you.
Control Your Tone
Whenever you speak, be sincere on your tone. Your listeners should not arouse suspicion about your genuineness. Many people feel insecure and doubt your seriousness when you pass comments, different from your normal tone. Say, for instance, use exactly the same tone to say “You look nice today” as you would for saying “It’s a nice day”. Whenever you praise, do it subtly and glibly. If you have been using a harsh, loud, and rude tone for conversing with people, remember, it’s never too late to start practicing. Give compliments and record them into a recorder. Play it back and listen whether you are just with your tone or not. Practice, record, and play, until your voice does not sound right to you.
Add Humor
All charming celebrities are known for their wittiness and great sense of humor. It is due to their inherent ability of making other people laugh that they earn lots of accolades and admiration. But to make others laugh, you will first have to leran to laugh on yourself. For, everyone loves to be around witty people who can lift the atmosphere of the room to extreme entertaining levels. And this is only possible if you are in good spirits, following which you can be charming and charismatic.
Be Confident
All the above ways of turning charming are useless unless you are confident about yourself. If you aren’t comfortable in your skin, how can you expect to bring and spread joy and happiness in others’ lives? Therefore, stop fretting and being obsessive about your own personality and be confident of what and who you are. While making the right choices, affirm yourself that you have made the best decisions and stick to them.
Being charming is an asset when you are comfortable with yourself, possess a bit of social intelligence, and carry yourself as a high-status person. Utilize the above elements to build your charming persona. All the best!

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