Working memory is the ability of the brain to store important information for a short time. Here in this article you will read about the tips that can be very effective in improving working memory.

Improving Working Memory

Do you know our brain somewhat acts like a computer and has working memory similarly operating like RAM? Working memory is the ability of the brain to actively hold information required to perform complex tasks such as reasoning, comprehension and learning. Working memory tasks requires goal-oriented active monitoring or manipulation of information. It also involves behaviors in the terms of interfering processes and distractions. Working memory is a kind of short-term memory where the brain feeds the information for a short duration. Working memory can also be considered as a virtual desk where you put information for a short time and clean it afterwards in order to replace with new information. You must have experienced that sometimes when you go out for shopping in the market, you have a number of items on your buying list. The list includes grocery items such as milk, eggs, bread and also contains other important household items. But when you reach market, you forget most of the items on the list, and then you realize that you should have written the list on a piece of paper. This is one of the common applications of working memory of the brain. If you had possessed a sharp working memory, you would have retained the whole list. Wish you too had a sharp working memory? Well, don’t get sad for it is never too late to have one. Working memory can be improved by a number of easy methods. Herein listed are some steps for improving working memory.
Improving Working Memory
Brain needs Food
Like any other machine, brain also requires fuel for efficient working and the fuel for brain is food rich in omega-3 fats. These antioxidants help in increasing brain activity and eventually, lead to better memory.
Listen to Music
Studies have proved that there is a connection between music and working memory. It is now proven that music, especially classical, improves the storage and recall of information in the human memory.
Perform Memory Exercises
Dedicate some part of your day in performing simple memory exercises. You can choose to do some of the best working memory workouts like memorizing and recalling short lists of numbers. This workout helps you in memorizing more numbers, hence making your working memory stronger.
Read Challenging Books
These days the newspaper, magazines and novels use short simple sentences to convey their meaning. You should choose to study old books with long, complex sentences in order to provide your brain with some challenging drill.
Reduce Stress
Studies have proved that stress could have negative effects on memory. Stress does not pose any harm to the brain physically, but it can make remembering things more difficult. Even the temporary stresses can have negative effects on working memory. So, it is advisable that you should reduce stress in order to improve your working memory.
Be More Attentive
On many occasions, we blame our failure of remembering things to our poor memory, but in reality, the problem is we had not paid enough attention to them in the first place. This is a very common reason for forgetting the names of people or places. In contrast, when we deliberately want to remember some phone numbers, we actually memorize them. This happens because we have our mind concentrating on the task at that time.
Group Things
You must have noticed that it is quite hard to keep a random list of items in your mind. This mostly happens when you are out for grocery shopping. In this case you should use the method of grouping things. For instance, if you can remember that you intended to buy vegetables, fruits, dairy products, pulses and grains and bathroom toiletries, then you would easily remember what they were.
Think Backwards
Here is a great method of improving memory. First of all, comfortably relax in an easy chair. Once you are really relaxed, you are ready to start the exercise. Start by paying attention to yourself mentally. Now go back and think of yourself going into the room. Keep on going back through your memories of the day. Every time you do this, you will become more comfortable and will be able to remember more and more details.
Do Mental Calculations
Remember mental mathematics that you did in junior school? How you wished then that there was no such subject? Well, contrary to the belief, mental calculations are extremely important in improving efficiency of the working memory. As such, forget the paper and pen and do mental calculations next time you are totaling a grocery bill or counting the amount of transaction done.
Go For A Walk
Most people are not aware of the fact that walking is actually good for brain, as it enhances the blood flow, which further results in oxygen and energy reaching the brain more efficiently. Walking also facilitates in clearing the head and helps in improving working memory.
Memory Enhancing Games
There are certain games that are quite effective in improving working memory as these games involve mental processing. One such game involves putting some playing cards faced down and making pairs. The cards are revealed one at a time, then observed for a few seconds and put back. Such games not only provide fun but are immensely helpful in improving working memory.
Now as you have learned some easy tips of increasing working memory imply them and show the world the wonderful powers of your memory. Best of Luck!

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