Fear plays the biggest hurdle in the path of success, and therefore overcoming it becomes absolutely essential. Find out how to overcome fear in this article.

Overcoming Fear

If you thought you are fearless, here is a revelation. Each of us fear something or the other, water, insects, heights, enclosed spaces, and so on but one fear that is same for all is the fear of failure. It ropes in every living being. Do you too feel the pangs of it? Does the fear of failure freezes you? Are you encountered by a numb mind when it comes to performing? Do you easily surrender your goals in life, fearing failure? If yes, then an absolute foe, fear, rules your mind. Several capable and deserving minds flounder to earn their life’s objectives because of this dreadful fear of failure. This fear is general and the ones who are brave enough to amiably challenge it, attain success. However, those people who are engulfed and defeated by fear just keep on fantasizing and dreaming about their goals. This alarming fear of failure is possibly the most powerful force people people to show their real potentials and therefore acts as an ultimate barricade between people and success. Also, today’s world is more competitive, uncertain and full of insecurities, so to survive here, one has to be quite daring and strong in order to climb the ladder of success. Remember, fear is just an illusion of mind and overcoming fear of failure is not at all a daunting task. In the below lines, read about how to overcome fear.
Overcoming Fear
Recognize Your Fears
The first and foremost step is to know your fear. If you simply accept your fear as an ultimate reality then you are definitely digging a grave for yourself. So apply a little effort and try to recognize the same. Make efforts to dominate the fantasy world building in your mind over your powerful practical approach. It will make you realize that nothing in this world is impossible. One should develop the habit of carefully analyzing the reasons of why one is quitting or surrendering something. Begin writing your goals on a piece of paper and while writing if your mind prompts you that you can’t do it, the reason is definitely fear. Also write down what kind of fear you are experiencing. Now when you have recognized your fears, you can start working and defeating them.   
Understanding the Root Of Your Fears
Now you have a full list of your fears that are restricting your growth. With the same, you can try to examine their roots. For better understanding, you can amass the list and find out from where these fears are appearing. Ask yourself several questions like why are you afraid? Can this small fear deteriorate your goals, and so on. During this exercise, you actually find out more fears, amalgamation of which becomes the base of your current fears. The moment you come to know this very base, your list of fears decreases and comes down to one. By the end of this exercise, you discover and know yourself more and have one fear to defeat, examining which and questioning yourself, you arrive at a conclusion of having no fear.
Consider the Cost of Missed Opportunities
Most of the people are quite afraid of taking risks which eventually fly them away from the benefits they would have enjoyed taking high risk opportunities. According to many renowned people, an impeccable career chart comprises of a large range of job opportunities, out of which some are risky while others are safe that integrate to create a substantially safe career accompanied with a high capacity for growth. In life, taking high risk is vital because they provide you with great rewards, as without taking risky opportunities, you can never exploit them. Realise the price you have to pay for a missed opportunity and opt for a wider perspective.
Research the Alternatives
Lack of knowledge is also a crucial source of fear. You should completely know the area you are in. Not knowing what you’re dealing with, potential outcome becomes far worse. Try to know about both good and bad aspects of the opportunity and you can genuinely figure out the risk of failure and benefits of success. The results of this examination will offer you to view through the fear of failure and carry out a practical and logical decision.
Put Worst-Case Scenario in Perspective
Be prepared for the worst situation. Make up your mind powerful enough to face the bad situations. It is possible that while chasing your goals, you might face lots of hurdles and difficult times. For the same, ask yourself that how long will you take to overcome and recover from the same? The answer is possibly lesser than you expect. Realize that the world is full of opportunities and demand capable people and you are one of them. A fear of some hard months can be declined with the fact that you will soon find another opportunity and this is a time to sharpen and polish your abilities even more.
Understand the Benefits of Failure
Life is like the five fingers of your hands, no day is similar to each other. Every failure of your life knocks a better opportunity for your ultimate growth and career building. For example, if a failure makes you financially weak, your education will come to your rescue and help you overcome the loss as soon as possible. But you have to be really confident and put forward an excellent step towards a new opportunity. Don’t let the fear conquer your mind. Keep in mind your positive aspects and strengths which will let you walk on a right and successful path.
Make a Contingency Plan
Another effective method to overcome the fear of failure is to decrease the negative aspects and drawbacks. Avoid the risks by developing a contingency plan; it will help you to fight better. It will be quite helpful at times when your first option fails you can still carry on and maintain you status with a strong backup option. Daring to fail does not mean that you don’t try to work out any risk management plan. If you have studied and managed risk excellently, you are able to acquire the benefits of high risk opportunities simultaneously leaving yourself with another safe plan.
Begin with Smaller Steps
Do not sit idle, keep on fighting to reduce your fears. It is a fact that everything seems tough for the first time and eventually looks the easiest. The wisest method is to begin with small steps and less risk. It will inject more confidence in you and finally you will overcome the fear of failure.
With these steps of overcoming the fear of failure, nothing can stop you from becoming confident and gaining the desired success in life.

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