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BPO Courses

‘Business Processing Outsourcing’ is a term incorporated when the international companies invented a new strategy of outsourcing their non-core business activities to other countries. The transfer of the non-core business functions to an external vendor who uses technology based service delivery became famous in the late 1990s. This new invention provided a lot of flexibility to big firms who could now concentrate completely on their core business functions. The introduction of BPOs also helped in improving the efficiency of work in a lesser priced environment than what the companies would have managed to get in their own country. With the popularity of this sector, there are many young aspirants wanting to make a career in the industry. The article provides you with details on various BPO courses for you to choose a path towards your career.

Courses In BPO

Course Details

Though there is no particular qualification requirement to get recruited in a BPO sector, there are some companies that do ask for a degree. There are some courses offered by the universities that train the candidates interested in the BPO industry. The institutes usually offers a diploma or a certificate training program in BPO, but there are some colleges that even offer a bachelors and a graduate degree in BPO. A candidate who has completed higher secondary school examination in any discipline stands eligible for a bachelors program in BPO or a certificate or a diploma in BPO training. There are some institutions that prefer candidates who hold an undergraduate degree. 

Details Of The Course Curriculum
In this uncertain environment of the global economy, it is logical to make a right investment for your future. The outsourcing industry has been in function for many years now, but it gained momentum and popularity since the late 90’s. With the advancement in the computer and communication technologies, there are many people who stand eligible for opportunities provided by these outsourcing companies. The courses offered by the renowned institutes are designed specifically to enhance the communication skills and personality of the students for a promising career in the industry. Some of the major courses offered by the colleges are:

  • Bachelors program in BPO
  • BPAP Certificate Course on BPO Management
  • BPO Training Certificate Course
  • MBA in BPO Management
  • Diploma Course in Finance and Accounting
  • Introduction to BPO/ Call Centre career programme
  • ACPG-Call Centre Specialisation
  • Customer service and call handling skills
  • Speech and voice modulation training
  • BPO Course with Fluent English
  • BPO Management
  • Graduate degree in business process outsourcing
  • Diploma degree in BPO management
  • Degree in communication skill
  • PGP (BPO Operations Management)

BPO is a huge industry with a number of different functions delegated from around the world. With the variety in profiles offered by the industry, it becomes inevitable for the candidates to specialize in a particular field in order excel in the industry. The various specialization programs offered by the institutes are tailor made for all the candidates who desire to specialize in the areas of BPO operations as well as for young executives working in various organisations who wish to gain some additional qualification. The areas of specialization in BPO are: 

  • Voice support
  • Soft skills
  • Information Technology
  • Accent development course
  • Customer Support Services
  • Marketing Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Finance & Accounting Services
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare

Skills Required
The BPO industry requires speaking to the client and convincing them in favour of the company’s products or services. This being the core process of the BPO sector, good communication skill is what an individual needs in order to be a part of this sector. Along with a good hold over oral and written language skills, a candidate should also have good knowledge of microsoft word, excel, outlook, PowerPoint, tally and other basic aspects of computer. A BPO professional should also possess good people skills and should also be able to organize things well. If the BPO professionals work with confidence and persistence and at the same time approach problems and complications patiently he/she will surely go a long way in this profession.

Career Prospects
International companies and the MNCs have got an excellent option of cost cutting and increasing productivity through outsourcing. There are many youngsters with good communication and technical skills in countries like China, India, and Japan etc. who provide for apt working force for the MNCs. There are a number of opportunities created every year by the booming BPO industry. The candidates pursuing a course in BPO can work as a voice based support executive, customer support executive, technical support executive, medical transcription specialist in healthcare BPO, team leaders in call centres, executives in banking sectors etc. there are employment opportunities also in shared services like finance and administration, bulk transactions like credit card and stock market processing, vertical process loans and in areas dealing with data monitoring.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally 

  • The De La Salle University
  • Hero Mind mine Institute Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNO)
  • Orion CALLTECH
  • K10 Technology
  • Bangalore Institute of Call Center Training, Bangalore
  • Akiko Sherman, New Delhi, Orissa, Punjab, UP and Haryana
  • ITES Grads
  • Ma Foi Academy
  • NEXT - Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai and Visakhapatnam
  • OnTrac, Bangalore
  • Brainware
  • Enoma, Mumbai
  • Aptech
  • GOLS academy
  • Sikkim Manipal University (SMU)
  • Acumen Education Group
  • Acumen Education Group, Chennai
  • Nittany Institute of BPO management
  • Chennai Business School
  • Empower eLearning
  • BCI, BPO certification Institute

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