Follow the chronological resume format to highlight your work experience and positions held. This article guides you in preparing a perfect chronological resume through the template.

Chronological Resume Format

Framing a resume that will impress your potential employer instantly? Searching for the best resume format to highlight and stress on your achievements and experience to keep you ahead of other applicants? Then, you need to follow the best resume format that will grab the attention of all recruiters. With so many kinds of resume formats available, picking up the best one and following it can be a little tricky. Depending upon your circumstances and demands of a particular job application, you have a chronological, a functional, a combination, and a targeted resume to choose from. Amongst these, the best one that gives an excellent presentation of you is the chronological resume. With such a kind of resume format, it is easy to list down all your work experience and job responsibilities in each job for the potential employer to get a review. Since it lists all the work background in the reverse chronological order, it is best recommended for entry-level job-seekers or individuals who have a long job experience in the same field. Best of all, it allows the recruiter to browse your resume easily due to the proper listing of your past performances. Here are some guidelines that can help you build the best resume, along with two different templates. Choose the one that suits you best!
Chronological Resume Template
  • Being the most common and traditional resume format, a chronological resume consists of a professional experience section which becomes the main body of the document. Hence, you have to jot down all your working background, beginning from the most recent and moving back towards the previous ones.
  • To start off with, mention your personal details at the beginning of the document. Herein, you should mention your name, postal address, and other contact details like phone number and email address. This information is generally written in a basic font style, like Times New Roman or Arial. Make sure that these details are accurate as they are the only source of contacting you.
  • Next comes a brief summary or objective section, where you can mention your career goals, pertaining to the industry and position you are applying for. A typical objective line begins with the word “To”, followed by the goal to be achieved from the job.
  • This is followed by your professional experience which includes all the job descriptions with details of all your duties, responsibilities, and accomplishments under each designation.
  • Follow up with an education section that gives a brief know-how of your educational qualifications.
  • If you wish, you can add on other sections, like computer skills, professional affiliations, languages known, awards, honors, volunteer work, and hobbies and interests, to let the recruiter know more about you.
  • The headlines of each section should be in a bold font.
  • Conclude your resume with a list of references, if you prefer to mention. Else, you can give references later on if asked by your prospective employer.
Template 1
Your Name                                                                                                 Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Results-oriented Fashion Industry professional with record of turning around organizations ensuring survival and growth during economic downturns. Proven leadership qualities in revitalizing and launching products, devising effective advertisement campaigns, and restructuring territories for maximum profitability. Background includes managing major brands such as (Brand 1), (Brand 2), (Brand 3), and (Brand 4). International fashion experience in Europe and South-East with fluency in English, French, and Spanish.
(List your professional qualifications and achievements made in the related industry. Also mention your personal and technical skills, emphasizing on their utilization in the post applied for.)
Professional Experience
(Position Held), (Company Name), (Location), (Duration)
  • Designed …
  • Trained …
  • Organized …
(Position Held), (Company Name), (Location), (Duration)
  • Facilitated …
  • Oversaw …
  • Launched …
Starting from the most recent position held and experience gained, move chronological backwards, indicating all your previous experience. This will give the recruiter a rough idea about your career growth over time.
Professional Course Name, University Name, Location (Year)
Masters in (Specialization), University Name, Location (Year)
Bachelors in (Course Name), University Name, Location (Year)
Available upon request
Template 2
Your Name
Postal Address
Contact Number
Email Address
A (type or title of position) position in the (name of industry) industry were my expertise in (area 1) and (area 2) would be needed.
Summary of Qualifications
Senior Level Technical Manager with 15 years of management experience, a Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering, and 10 years in design engineer in the auto industry
  • List qualifications using bullets
  • Especially skilled at (skill 1), (skill 2), (skill 3), …
  • Proven ability to … A talent for … Skilled in … Extensive knowledge of …
  • Expertise in (skill 1, skill 2, skill 3)
Work Experience
Company Name, Location                                                                   (200X to Present)
  • Taught…
  • Supervised…
  • Increased total yearly sales by…
Company Name, Location                                                                         200X to 200X
  • Organized…
  • Developed…
Company Name, Location                                                                         200X to 200X
  • Prepared…
  • Conducted…
M.S. Electrical Engineering, University Name, Location              Month, Year
            Thesis: (Title)
            Advisor: Name
B.S. Electrical Engineering, University Name, Location              Month, Year
            Graduated with (marks, percentage)
            Minored in (minor specialization)
Computer Skills
Programming                                  Applications                                    Platforms
Skill 1, Skill 2                                     Skill 1, Skill 2                                     Skill 1, Skill 2
Skill 3, Skill 4                                     Skill 3, Skill 4                                     Skill 3, Skill 4
English: Native Language
Spanish: Intermediate Listener, Novice Speaker, Advanced Reading and Writing
Available upon request

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