Are you an aspiring events co-ordinator? Given below are the tips and advices that you could refer to when you are composing your resume for the job position of an event planner.

Event Coordinator Resume

Whether it is a marriage, birthday party, anniversary, conference or even a picnic for that matter, an event manager’s role is indispensable. Are you interested in planning and managing parties? Does a fast paced lifestyle sound alluring to you? If your answer is yes and the idea of traveling brings a smile to your face, then you are tailor made for the event industry. Parties organised by big companies and organisations are a common sight these days and even common is the concept of outsourcing such get-togethers to an event-management company. From this point onwards, the planning, decoration, man-power management, budgeting, theme setting, catering, security arrangement and even welcoming the guests etc. are responsibilities that are handled solely by the event manager. An event manager takes charge of the overall supervision in order to make the whole thing a success!  Unlike most other jobs, the job of an event manager is solely based upon experience and the grey hairs received from trouble shooting or even goofing up! Read the next section for a better understanding on the concept of resume writing for an event manager or coordinator!
Event Planner Resume
Experience Talks
If you are a freelancer then, starting with the first event from that neighbourhood drama competition or the cousin’s birthday party, list all the events which you have handled in reverse chronological order. Mention the event that you handled along with the date and a brief summary of what it was all about. A feather on your cap would be if you were to mention handling more than one event at a time. If you are a fresher, mention the various places that you interned at along with all the school, college and university level events that you handled.
Communicate with your Resume
A boring resume will not help the least when you are applying for a job of an event manager or coordinator. Using communicative and conversational English, elaborate on the skills and achievements that you consider important and relevant.
Reference Speaks Louder!
The event industry walks hand in hand with big contacts and references! The truth of the matter is, with big bucks come the big names and if you know some big names, you make a niche for yourself in this industry. If you happen to know any of the big names who are willing to vouch for you then your credibility quotient increases exponentially and this could work wonders on your resume. As soon as the company, where you have applied for a position, contacts you, inform your reference that he/she might be contacted sometime soon and supply them the necessary information that you want the potential employer to receive.
Here is a sample resume for you to draw inspiration from:
Amanita Turner
(Mention your address)
(Telephone number, email address)
Career Profile
I am an extremely organized individual with a background of __ years in successful planning and seamless execution of innumerable meetings and events. An expert in managing facilities, schedules, travel and accommodations, I have a successful track record of meeting tight deadlines and balancing priorities. My proven ability to deliver events of high quality and excellent standards has earned me a lot of recognition and I am sure I will do a great job with your firm also.
Key Skills:
  • Personnel Management
  • Team Building & Training
  • Talent Recruitment
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Organisation & Follow-Through
  • Relationship Management
  • Travel Arrangement
  • Project Management
Event Planning Experience 

1. Event Planner at ABC Inc. from 20XX – Present

  Job Description
  • Planning events and weddings
  • Establishing budgets
  • Reviewing and choosing locations for the venues
  • Ensuring the best rates by bargaining with the suppliers, vendors and the man power agents
  • Overseeing the contracted team of musicians, photographers and DJs.
  • Effortlessly organised events with a budget of up to (mention the maximum figured budgeted event) for up to __ attendees (mention the number of footfalls to that event).
  • Successfully developed on-the-spot contingency plans during adverse weather conditions.
  • Developed personal inventory of elegant event equipments like chairs, tables, fountains, silverware and other decorative items.
2. Event Planner at BCD Inc. from X-Y years
Job Description
Planned and executed various stores’ grand openings, fundraisers, golf tournaments, annual events in corporate organisations and attained sponsors for a charity function for the underprivileged. Booked key vendors, music bands and the chief guest for the events. Led volunteer marketing events to promote a cigarette brand.
  • Was granted charitable donations from illustrious celebrity figures like Oprah Winfrey and Amitabh Bacchan.
  • Obtained sponsors to give out free SUVs (with the required insurance) to the winners at the charitable event.
  • Developed highly effective radio and print-ad campaigns to promote the events.
  • Recognised by the President of BCD Inc. for executing the largest and most successful grand opening for a store.
Educational Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communications from XYZ College with X% (mention the marks obtained) in the year 19XX (mention the year).
  • Master’s Degree in Mass Communications from XYZ College with X% (mention the marks obtained) in the year 20XX (mention the year).
  • Diploma in Event Management, XYZ College with X% (mention the marks obtained), year 20XX (mention the year).
Shall be provided on demand.

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