This has got to be the most excruciating part of admission - writing the college essays! Read this article for some tips on how to write college admission essays.

College Admission Essays

Getting admitted to your preferred college is regarded as one of the first joys in student life! It is one of the greatest achievements and yet, you must know, it is not a simple task. A set of hurdles give you the toughest time and you must go through these hurdles to get your dream college. Admission essays are fine examples of such hurdles. An admission essay is a mirror which reflects your personality, skills – both academic and written, qualifications, career aspirations and dreams. It is important to pen this composition down in an attractive and appealing manner because it is through this that admission process can be taken to the next level. Topics for admission essays are different with respect to different colleges. Some universities also provide you with open subjects that give you freedom to write on topics of your choice. Remember, you are only one among thousands of applicants. So, in order to get to the front and get admitted, you must distinguish yourself with a stellar essay that can command the undivided attention of the committee. Try achieving this and your success probability will automatically skyrocket. Tips to accomplish this not-so-easy journey await you in the section below. Read on!
College Admission Essay Writing Tips
  • Your admission essay should be able to communicate that you are unique. It should be clear, appealing, communicative, error free and devoid of contradictory statements. Being better than the rest is not easy for the committee might already have gone through hundreds of essays before reading yours.
  • Your essay should be an answer to the question “Why you?” You can include anything in your essay, as long as it is relevant to this theme. A common mistake that people make is including more negative points than plus points. Avoid this for your own good!
  • The introduction must be attractive and should lead to the body. Be yourself and get original while writing the essay. They say if you can’t make an impact on someone in the first 200 lines of your essay, you stand a chance of never doing so!
  • The content of your write-up is crucial as it is the key factor in getting your application converted or rejected. Dedicate a good amount of time for the preparation of the body of the article. Try to derive as many questions about you as possible. Answers to these questions will collectively form a good content for your essay. In this way, strengths and weaknesses are brought out easily.
  • Discover all the major achievements that you have under your belt. Stating minor ones is also allowed provided you have reason to explain why it is important. Prioritize them in such a manner that those which would help you in the current context come first.
  • Write about the most difficult situation you have faced and more essentially, how you confronted and finally overcame it. This can be your very own and personal success story!
  • Mention a list of your hobbies and a few of your passions in the write-up. Don’t go overboard at this stage and bore the recruitment staff! If you are a good reader, you can mention your favorite book/s or writer/s and how this has influenced you to see life differently. Talking about a role model might also do some good but make sure you know your role model’s strengths and weaknesses well meaning, be well-researched!
  • Everyone has dreams and aspirations. It depends on how you see them. If you think some of them are gettable then do talk about them! Talking about ambitions that are out of your reach is a little irrelevant but if you have a plan on how to go by achieving them then it’s a great idea.
  • If you need to select a topic for the essay then make sure it helps you express yourself in the best possible way. You must affirm your statement by indicating that you have done a thorough research about the college and why you have chosen this over the others. Required information can be collected from websites and other articles.
  • A powerful conclusion is crucial as it is the last chance to impress the readers. And the best way to go about it would be to summarise the essay and emphasize, one last time, as to why you are best suited for the college and how does the college serve your long term goal.
Writing admission essays is tough and that is why it has gained enormous importance over the years. Try out the tips mentioned above and we hope to see you on the brighter side!

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