Read through to explore skills and qualities that employers look for in a candidate, during the recruitment process.

Skills That Employers Look For

Tailor made suits and branded clothes may make you look like the most presentable candidate in an interview but they alone can not get you a job. There are certain skills that employers look for while they conduct their recruitment drives to select a candidate. If you wish you could unlock the secret formula of attaining success then you are at the right page. The following write-up talks about what employers want and how can you go about delivering what they are looking for. You might have projected the best of the behaviours, worn the best outfits and given the best answers as per your knowledge, but what you might have failed to present are certain specific skills employers are looking for that particular post. You might be an expert in your field and may even possess all the technical skills required but a job might still be evading you. This is where you need to realise that, over and above the technical criteria, there are a certain number of generic qualities that employers seek in the candidates they interview. Scroll down to learn more in detail!
Qualities That Employers Seek
Communications Skills
The way you communicate or rather present your ideas, both orally and in writing, is one of the common skills that an employer looks for in a candidate. Quality communication is critical for any business and without the ability to express your thoughts, impressing an employer can be quite a task.
Analytical/Research Skills
Employers also expect their employees to possess good analytical and reasoning skills and this is why you are faced with analytical and logical ability tests in most interviews. They wish to find out whether or not the candidate is able to approach a situation and identify the problem and solve it using logic and reasoning.
Technical Literacy
If you are applying for a technical post, you will definitely be scrutinised on your technical knowledge as well as basic computer skills. And it is not just the technical posts, you must possess the basic computer skills even if you are applying for any non-technical post.
Problem-Solving Skills
Companies need people who can approach a problem and solve it with great expertise in minimum possible time and by utilizing the minimum possible resources. Therefore, you must possess good problem solving skills and the ability to accept challenges without instructions, in order to impress an employer.
A rigid personality is something no company would wish to include in their employee list. Employers look for personnel who can blend in and take newer and different responsibilities and regain their focus quickly despite the changing work environment.
Determination And Persistence
These are the most crucial qualities an employer seeks in the candidates. Employers look for people who are determined and focused to achieve goals even under stressful situations and are consistent in their performance.
You might be an expert in your field and might even posses the ability to solve problems and give out quality results, but if you fail to project your people’s skill in the interview, there are less chances you will get selected. You will be put in teams and given responsibility for one another as employers look for people who can make use of their skills in motivating the entire team and in getting out collective result.
Loyalty is one quality that can take you places in an organisation. Employers look for employees whom they can trust and rely upon. Be it a project, a particular responsibility or just the idea of the time that an employee is willing to spend in the organisation – loyalty can be measured in various ways.  If you project as much as a hint of not being responsible or being careless, it might turn the game against you.
Ambition And Motivation
Show that you are ambitious, that you have the desire to learn, to grasp, to adapt and to move forward with great speed but make sure you also show them your moral side. Ambitious people are motivating and such people create happy working environments but at the same time you need to assure them you are not willing to compromise on your values and morals just for the sake of growth.
Leadership Skills
Project that you have the guts to take up responsibilities and deliver under pressure. Employers today are in search for leaders who have the drive to perform and can also guide others in desired directions.
You can impress an employer and convince him to recruit you only if you yourself are convinced with your abilities. If you believe in yourself it shows in your body language and gets conveyed to the interviewers. Present this confident side of you and you can have the maximum chances of getting through an interview.
There are certain specific qualities that employers look for in their prospective employees. the write up seeks to get you familiar with a few of these qualities.

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