A systems analyst is an expert who basically plans solutions for problems pertaining to software. Go through this article to know what it takes to become a system analyst.

Computer System Analyst Courses

Marco Calasan! Ever heard of that name before? Well, he is a nine year old prodigy and the recipient of four Microsoft certificates, and he happens to be the youngest systems engineer in the world. Marco is no ordinary kid, he is a computer genius. Now, why all the fuss over a kid who knows more than he should on computers? This is because Marco Calasan, being as young as he is, knows more about the computer than a class room full of post graduates, along with the lecturer thrown into the bargain. He has literally carved out a career for himself at such a young age, when most people spend years, and almost a lifetime trying to make it big as systems analysts and engineers. Marco, however, has helped prove a point. A career as a computer systems analyst is as good as the next best thing.  Almost all organizations rely on the computer and information technology to ensure the smooth execution of their day to day activities. This only helps underline the need and importance of a computer systems analyst. A computer systems analyst is an expert who uses IT tools to help companies operate efficiently, and achieve their technological goals. A career in analyzing systems is only for those individuals who are extremely passionate about computers and technology in general. Go right ahead, and read on to know more information on computer system analysis courses.
Courses In Computer System Analysis
In order to become a system analyst, an individual first has to complete a Bachelors degree in systems analysis or any other discipline that the system analysis criteria demands. To be eligible for a Bachelors degree in systems analysis, an individual shall have to clear the 10+2 or an equivalent examination from a recognized board with the sciences as the core subjects. An individual can also do a Masters in systems analysis for which he or she should be a graduate in an appropriate discipline. Most individuals do a Masters in systems analysis to gain specialized expertise in the analysis of systems. Companies also prefer individuals with a post graduation degree in systems analysis, which makes this a very important step towards a career in system analysis. Individuals can also get certified as system analysts by doing short term courses in analyzing systems provided they are graduates in the appropriate discipline.   
Details Of The Course
A course in computer system analysis will almost always consist of information on the following topics:
  • What is Systems Analysis?
  • The Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • The Architecture Framework
  • Systems analysis model types
  • Application design
  • Building physical data flow diagrams
  • Logical and physical data models
  • Essential data flow diagrams
  • Systems analysis model types
  • Moving from the logical view to the physical view
  • The role of the systems analyst
  • Specifying data structures
  • Writing mini specifications
  • Database normalization and database design
  • Designing and modeling system interfaces
  • The object-oriented approach to systems analysis
  • Writing and modeling use cases
Career Prospects
For system analysts with extensive knowledge, and experience in handling computer systems and technologies, analytical skills and the ability to think logically, a plum job is as good as guaranteed. Systems analysts can find jobs in software companies, research organizations, hospitals, manufacturing firms, companies associated with aerospace, and any other organization that deals with technology. With experience, junior systems analysts can climb up the ladder of success by working as senior or lead systems analysts. For those systems analysts with managerial capabilities, the chances of becoming managers of information systems or chief information officers always exist. Experienced system analysts who also possess expert knowledge on computers and technology can always break free by starting off on their own computer consulting firms.
Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Systems Analysis
  • Oaklands College, United Kingdom
  • Warwickshire College, United Kingdom
  • London College Of Business And Computing, United Kingdom
  • New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA
  • Indian Institute For Training Computer Program, India
  • M.E.S. Inst. of Advanced Computer Science & Management, India

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