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Cosmetologist Resume

If looks could kill, cosmetologists would be the ultimate breeders of assassins. A cosmetologist is a person who is educated in the treatment of hair, nails and skin. Technically, they are ‘skilled in adornment’. The profile revolves around studying and applying beauty. Some of the functions include trimming hair, applying facials and bleach, being in touch with the latest trends, maintaining a record of services offered and reporting to the supervisor. There are various specialists also in this domain such as a shampoo technician, hairstylist, manicurist, nail technologist and electrologist to name a few. To become any of the above, you need to pass the state certification and have a certain number of years of experience. The job prospects for a cosmetologist are innumerable. You’re probably confused with the term ‘barber’ and ‘cosmetologist’ now. The difference between the two lies in the legalities of the practice. If you are already a cosmetologist, then there is a certain way of framing and drafting your resume. This article gives you some tips and samples to get it right with the employer at the first go! Read on to understand further.
Sample  Cosmetologist Resume
  • Before beginning, read up a little about each of the specializations. There is no substitute of primary research. After making up your mind, start composing the resume. If you are looking for a position in manicures, then make sure you have relevant experience to mention.
  • Stating why you want to take up this profession in brief will do the resume a lot of good. An employer wants to know what inspired you to do something like this. Include your future plans in the answer but, don’t go overboard explaining.
  • Get an idea about the prospective employers and alter the resume for each one. Suppose the hiring staff is known to be strict and very business-like, make your resume simple. Include funny one-liners and witty statements only when you’re sure that the recruiters won’t take it in the wrong sense.
  • Mention that you have a state-required certification as this plays an important role in determining the acceptance of employment. Each country has a separate license which could cost you a small sum but is worth it in the end.
  • Lastly, list awards and accolades if you have received any because this information boosts appreciation for you. In short, ‘blow your own horn’! In case you haven’t received any accolades, include a note of praise by your references from a previous company.
Sample Resume Of Cosmetologist
Cheryl Roberts
10, X Street,
New York, NY-92498
Career Objective
To be able to deliver qualitytreatment as a cosmetologist in a reputed salon so as to apply my knowledge in the advancement of my career and to seek a position in an organization where the ideals are in accordance with those of mine.
  • Fluency in techniques of beautification and good hand-eye coordination.
  • A keen sense of vision and politeness that helps keeping the customer satisfied with the service and the conversation.
  • Immense knowledge of various chemicals, solutions and facial packs and a decent proficiency in handling tools such as the comb, trimmer, clippers etc.
  • Learned in the various types of cosmetology.
2008-Present, ABC Cosmetology Center, USA
Currently working with an institute where I am reviewing and suggesting modifications to the customers. Understanding their concerns and requirements is a part of my job. Also, I interview the customer and teach them about the different beauty treatments such as yoga, meditation and herbal cosmetics. I maintain a record of all services offered and the money collected.
2002-2007, XYZ Beauty Salon, USA
Started off my career with applying solution sprays while trimming the hair at the end of my term, I was proficient in dealing with hairstyles myself. Some of my other roles here included application of packs to check for allergy, usage of tools effectively and the gentle use of hands/fingers on the skin and hair of customers.
Academic Education
  • Diploma Course in Cosmetology from the University of KLM, USA (2001)
  • Postgraduate in Food And Nutrition from the University of MNM, USA (1997)
  • Graduate in Home Science from the University of MNM, USA (1992) 
  • License holder from the National Board of Cosmetology, USA and a state certification of California.
  • Played a part in the Cosmetology Seminar held in 2009 and also gave a speech on the health risk of cosmetics.
References to be provided on request
These tips and sample resume can give you an idea on how to go about framing a cosmetologist resume. Hope it helped!

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