A career as a tour operator can be challenging, but also comes with oodles of fun. Breeze through this article to know what it takes to build a career as a tour operator.

Courses As Tour Operator

Holidays are meant to be fun. Holidays are all about giving people much needed respite from their otherwise monotonously scheduled and stressful lives. Sadly however, most if not all holidays, trips and getaways don’t come free of stress. There are always those train or plane tickets to book, the hotel rooms to occupy and the activities post arriving at the destination of choice to plan. The trick and annoyance in putting all of this together lies in the art of doing the same while still trying hard to have fun. Sadly, most people are not adept at planning holidays and almost always end up making a gooey mess of the whole affair. This is exactly why ‘tour operators’ are such important people. In most case, it’s only a tour operator who can guarantee a stress-free holiday for those interested in one. Tour operators perform indispensable functions that include arranging for transportation to the destination of choice and accommodation, food and activities to indulge in the destination of choice. The significance of tour operators reaches new heights especially in the instances of planning trips to a foreign country. A career as a tour operator is one that’s best taken up by those individuals who are passionate about travelling, new places and people in general. It’s also for those individuals who possess effective communication skills and are well organized. Read on to know what it takes to be eligible for a tour operator course, the career prospects and some of the institutes offering tour operator course.

Tour Operator Courses

As per the norms in the tourism industry, it is not really possible for an individual to specifically do a bachelors tour operator course or a masters course in the same. The reason for this lies in the fact that such courses do not really exist in mainstream education. However, an individual who is interested in pursuing success as a tour operator can do so by taking up a diploma or certificate course in travel and tourism. These courses can help interested individuals gain both a professional and competitive edge over their rivals in the industry. In order to be eligible for diplomas and certificate courses in operating tours, it is sufficient for an individual to be a graduate. However, some institutes also require their students to be graduates. It is not a must however for these individuals to be graduates in a particular discipline; all that matters is that the individual possesses an interest to make it big in the tourism industry.

Course Details
Tour operator courses will help individuals understand that much better the tourism industry. However, it must be mentioned here that no matter how inclusive a course is, it can still not teach an individual as much as on-the-job experience does. Tour operator courses will help give individuals a professional shine to their overall persona and also a professional approach to their work.

Career Prospects
The prospects that lie in a career as a tour operator are not as alluring as most other career options. However, an individual with a burning desire to succeed in the tourism industry will find it relatively easy to overcome the odds and get a long-lasting taste of success.  Here it is all about working one’s way to the top. Hard work, building contacts, and striking the best deals is what will matter most when it comes to making it big as a tour operator. Individuals battling it out as tour operators will first have to start off their career by working at small, medium-sized and big travel and tourism agencies. With time and experience in the industry, individuals can broaden their horizons and ultimately consider the chances of floating their own travel agency. Starting off a travel agency and managing it successfully really makes for the zenith in a tour operator’s career graph.

Some Of The Institutes Offering Tour Operator Courses
  • The Government of India Tourist Offices
  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, New Delhi
  • Kurukshetra University, Haryana, India
  • Delhi University, Delhi, India
  • Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu, India
  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior, India
  • MS University, Baroda, India
  • National Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Hydrabad, India  
  • Assam and Institute of Tourism and Future Management, Chandigarh. India
  • Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Kolkata, India

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