Dental sciences is a booming field. Read this article and hold the reins to trudging along a beautiful career.

Dental Science Courses

We love food. Our body needs food. Without food, we die. Without teeth, chewing food is almost impossible. And to complete the logical series, without teeth, we shall indeed perish. Of course, we all toothless beings make ends meet with a pair of dentures, but do we really want to resort to that? Moreover, why be so pessimistic. Modern discoveries in dental science have insinuated that seemingly critical dental problems can be placated with adequate dental attention. Keeping our teeth healthy and strong is imperative to our well being. Sadly, not all of us are watchful enough to steer clear of tooth decay and similar maladies. In such cases, we rely on dental scientists to bail us out. Glide down this article and unleash the tooth fairy within you!

Career In Dental Sciences

Course Details
The minimum requirement to pursue a ‘Bachelors Degree in Dental Science’ (BDS) is a 10+2 pass in science with biology as an optional. An entrance test conducted by the board or university determines who is selected and who is not, depending upon the standards of the concerned institution. BDS is a four-year course divided into four semesters of one year each followed by one year of rotating internship. A ‘Masters in Dental Science’ (MDS) requires two years of additional training. There will be a strong focus on core biomedical and dental sciences. Medical microbiology, general bacteriology, systematic bacteriology, drugs acting on the central nervous system and the blood, human antimony, embryology, dental equipment are the few important topics that will be covered in the preliminary semesters of a bachelor in dental sciences.

Career Prospects
A successful graduate of dental science is generally recommended to commence one’s clinical experience and hand skills development as an intern from a renowned dentist or trusted dental clinic. BDS degree holders can begin their careers as practitioners in government hospitals, private nursing homes, industrial and corporate hospitals. Establishments like defence service, railways, and ordnance factories also employ dentists for hospitals run by them. Demand for dental specialists portrays itself in the form of a steep upward curve as long as citizens continue to feast on chocolates and sweets. All they need to fear is the extinction of germs and bacteria, which by a long shot is nowhere on the horizons. Dental services are usually accountable to either the patient or by private insurance companies. As a result, during slow times in the economy, demand for dental services may decrease. In such cases, seeking employment might be a little dicey and for those with established practices, abridged demand may shorten work hours.

Institutes Offering Courses In Dental Sciences

Some of the premier colleges offering Courses in Dental Sciences in India are

  • Bangalore Institute Of Dental Science Hospital, Bangalore
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Dental College and Hospital, Pune
  • Buddha Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Patna
  • Christian Dental College, Ludhiana
  • Dental College & Hospital, Lucknow
  • J. S. S. Dental College, Mysore
  • Moulana Azad Medical Collage, Dental Wing, New Delhi
  • Nair Hospital Dental College, Mumbai
  • S.M.S. Medical College, Dental Wing, Jaipur.

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