The digital media field has continuously flourished and grown in the global market. Read on to learn more about a career in digital media.

Digital Media Courses

Digital media is a portal where art, technology and science comes together to provide a totally different picture of the world as we imagine. It is the collaboration between all the media forms to give out a complete and quality outcome. If you are an aspiring artist, a designer, or a communicator, digital media is the best field for you to be in. Digital media is about art, design, communication and storytelling. It is about working with a group of people to bring together these elements and to provide to the audience a new experience altogether. A digital media career is a promising one and young graduates can grow and flourish in this field with little creativity and hard work.

Career In Digital Media

Course Details

It should not be surprising to learn the widespread interest the programs in digital media are attracting given the growing use of computers for production and visual exploration purposes. A quality course in digital media will provide students with a basic understanding of human interaction and communication as understood by philosophers, psychologists, anthropologists and sociologists. The program will make the students improve their skills, and will teach them about how the 3D modelling, animation and interactive media operate in the social and cultural context. A career in digital media can be pursued by everyone, a plus-two pass out, or a person with a higher qualification. There are many universities and colleges that provide bachelors degrees in digital media. All plus-two pass outs can opt for either a B.Sc in digital media or a B.A in digital media. The course is a 3 yrs full time course and the candidates opting for it should be a computer literate with some knowledge on internet. After successful completion of the bachelor’s degree, a candidate can apply for a masters of arts or masters of science degree in digital media. Candidates with bachelors in computer science, media design, animation and other related filed also stand eligible for a master’s course in digital media. 

Career Prospects

There are a plenty of opportunities for digital media professionals. To start with, a digital media graduate can be recruited by some audio and video equipment manufacturing company or by some user centres where digital products are created. A digital media graduate can fit into the profiles of a broadcast news analyst, broadcast technician, audio and video equipment technician, digicam camera operator, caption writer, copy writer, digital correspondent, digital editor, film and video editor, lyricists, media and communication equipment operator and sound engineering technician. In the field of 3D modelling, animation, hypertext or interactive media, a digital media graduate will always find a place. Qualified professionals can also find entry into businesses ranging from gaming and animation houses to traditional design companies, T.V stations, film production companies and architectural firms. They can also get an opportunity to work with media boutiques, special effect houses, corporate communication centres, web design companies, forensic companies and government agencies. 

Institutes Offering Courses In Digital Media

  • Image College of Arts and Animation & Technology, Chennai
  • Picasso Animation College
  • National Institute of Computer Arts (NICA) Mumbai
  • Wiztoonz Animation Academy, Bangalore
  • FX School, Mumbai
  • Leapfrog School of Digital Media, Hyderabad.

A career in digital media is a promising one which provides ample amount of opportunities for the professionals to grow and prosper. The salary of a person depends on the experience one holds and the kind of a post he/she is holding. There is always an opportunity for people who are talented and show creativity to grow immensely.

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