English language can today be called as a language of world economy, politics and society. Go through the courses in English language and make yourself more proficient and fluent.

English Language Courses

English today has become a ‘World Language’. More than half the population of the globe use English as a means and medium of communication, trade and grant of services. It is impossible to think of a world without ‘English’. All the universities, organizations, companies use English as a means of communication. In such a scenario it is difficult and disadvantageous to be ignorant of the language and its fine distinctions. Mentioned below are some of the English language courses offered in renowned institutions and universities worldwide. Go through the course details and opt for the one you fit in to, and be a part of the growth cycle.

Courses In English Language

Course Details

In today’s world of globalization, English has become an important ingredient in the recipe of growth and development. It is very important for an individual to master the language irrespective of his/her cultural and political background, that is if the person wants to survive in the cutthroat global market. There are many courses offered by renowned universities and institutions to suit the needs of both a beginner and a student of English language. In order to enrol for any of the course in the language the individual will have to sit through the international English language testing system. IELTS is nothing but the entrance test conducted by the respective institutions to judge the proficiency and knowledge of an individual in the language and then place them in respective course curriculum based on their scores. 

Details Of The Course Curriculum

General English
The general English program offered by all the institutions is nothing but an introduction to the language and is designed to meet the needs of both the absolute beginner and advanced students. The institutions try and make this course more interactive allowing the students to practice structures, vocabulary and expressions used in the day to day life. The areas of focus of the course are:

  • Basic command in everyday situations        
  • Limited command in familiar situations
  • Effective command in a fair number of situations
  • Good command of English in a wide range of situations

Business English
Courses in business English are designed to cater to the needs of working professionals. These programs help beginners and advanced learners to communicate properly and accurately in the professional field. These courses take up a step-to-step approach and strengthen an individual’s hold on the language by working on the basics of the individual’s knowledge. 

English For Academic Purposes
The English course designed for academic purposes prepares an individual to face the challenges that he/she will face in an English speaking environment of a university or college. The course concentrates on reading and writing skills of an individual which will further improve presentation skills of the person, preparing him/her to enter a new life of English speaking.

Spoken English
The course in spoken English concentrates more on the following fields of study:

  • Comprehensive Grammar: Parts of Speech, Tenses, Active Passive Voice, Direct Indirect Speech
  • Correct Usage: Use of Articles, Nouns, Pronouns, Adverbs, Verbs, Adjectives
  • Vocabulary: Prefixes & Suffixes, Word Lists, Confusing Words, Plurals, Genders, Idioms, Phrases, Colloquial
  • Day to Day Situations: Situations & Expressions, Similar Words
  • Effective Communication: Presentations, GDs, JAMs, Energetic Communication Games
  • Communication Games: JAMS make a story, Play by ear, Turn Coat, Hot Seat, Crazy Sentences, Dumb Charades, Cue Cards etc

English Language Courses For Adults
This particular course is designed specifically for adult students and includes the following areas of attention:

  • General English for everyday communication
  • Executive English for professionals and business purposes
  • Academic English for those who wish to succeed at University
  • Exam Preparation Courses to gain an international qualification such as the IELTS and the Cambridge Exam (FCE, CAE and CPE)

English For Special Purposes
This course is designed to meet the special requirements of the students. The course provides the language skills based on a particular environment or vocation. The course includes course in business, international relations, hospitality and tourism, health professionals and computing and information technology.

Specialization Courses
There are many courses that are designed to provide specialization to the students. The field of specializations in English language are:

  • Accent Reduction Programs
  • Conversational English
  • Intensive Academic English Programs
  • Intensive General English Programs
  • English Courses for Children & Teens
  • English for Advertising
  • English for Architecture
  • English for Aviation
  • English for Banking and Finance
  • English for Engineering
  • English for Executives
  • English for Export/Import
  • English for Human Resources
  • English for Lawyers
  • English for Marketing
  • English for Medicine
  • English for Petroleum Industry
  • English for Retail Industry
  • English for Telecommunications
  • English for Work Experience
  • Exam Preparation 

Skills Required
An interest in the subject and the will power to sustain the pressure of learning is what a beginner of the course of English language should posses. In order to learn any new language and to master it, a person needs to have the determination and the ability to work hard till the time the goal is achieved. Good concentration power, good listening and interpreting skills, a good memory and continuous working is needed in order to master the language. 

Career Prospects
English is no more a foreign language. It has become a language spoken by almost half the population of the world. With the growth bar of the language always increasing, proficiency in the language will open new doors of opportunities both for students and working professionals. Education and the work field are both governed by English and without good knowledge of the language one cannot do much even after having all the related skills of that particular work field. English as a language as well opens few professional lines for candidates. Fluency in English can fetch you jobs as a teacher, trainer, translator, consultant and many such respected portfolios in institutions, colleges, companies and agencies dealing with clients from the English speaking nations. 

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally         

  • Abbey College, Malvern Wells, Worstershire
  • Aberystwyth University, Aberystwyth, Wales
  • Absolutely English Ltd, Sherburne, Warwick
  • Academy SJW (St. John's Wood School of English), London
  • Belfast Metropolitan College, Northern Ireland
  • Belgravia College, London
  • Bell International, Goudhurst, Kent
  • Academy of English Language Studies, Folkestone, Kent
  • Cambridge Academy of English, Girton, Cambridge
  • Capital School of English, Bournemouth
  • New York University American Language Institute
  • Boston School of Modern Languages
  • University Of Freiburg - Faculty Of Engineering
  • Jacobs University Bremen
  • The British Council Teaching Centre
  • Value point Academy, Bangalore
  • Achievers Point Knowledge Systems Pvt. Ltd.
  • Rose Mount's Institute of English Language
  • Anglolang Academy of English         
  • Askham Bryan College
  • Berlitz Manchester
  • City of Sunderland College
  • Ef international school of English

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