Personal mission statements define the goals and expectations of your career, education or life in general. Read on for examples of personal mission statements for colleges.

Examples Of Personal Mission Statements For College

Mission statements are goals which provide a guiding force that leads a company and its employees. They emphasize on the companies purpose of existence and its basic ideals. Personal mission statements are similar to mission statements, except that they apply to individuals instead of companies. Everybody has personal mission statements that define their aims in life. They aren’t necessarily specific to career objectives, educational interests or even life’s expectations; they can include all the other aspects of life including dreams and visions. Usually, personal mission statements are self-explanatory sentences about a person’s aims, goals or purpose in life. But when included on a resume, curriculum vitae or application form, they must be written specifically for the organization that the document is meant for. Although knowing a person’s expectations or career objectives is essential to know more about his/her aims in life, they can be quite irrelevant to the colleges that you are applying too. In such cases, people are forced to write their personal mission statement keeping in mind the perspective of the reader. The same rule applies when you are writing a personal mission statement for a college entrance. You need to ensure that your personal mission statement speaks equally about your educational goals and other general career objectives and principles in life. For a few examples of personal mission statements, read on.
Personal Mission Statements For Colleges
  • My goal revolves around sharpening and effectively using my skills in a competitive environment. Growing as a student and growing along with the institution, that I choose to be a part of, occupy important slots in my list of priorities.
  • I wish to learn from, excel in and go beyond every challenge I face in life. Every opportunity in life, including this one, must be used with diligence and hard work. This, I believe, is the only thing that can help me achieve success.
  • To treasure, above all else, the opportunities that come my way and to make the best use of them; to focus on academics, without really making compromises on extra-curricular activities. I’m also looking forward to being the kind of student who contributes not only to the growth of the institution, but also to the growth of the less privileged sections of society.
  • As a student, I’ve always been known to give every task I take up, my best shot. This, I believe, is where my greatest strength lies. I’m yearning to belong to an institution that recognizes this quality in me and helps me make the best use of it. For in the end, it doesn’t really matter if you are smart or not, what matters is that you give everything and take up all you can and success comes by default.
  • A hardworking, dedicated, disciplined, creative and focused student, looking to be a part of a respectable institution, where the mind knows no boundaries and the heart knows no fear. An institution such as this, I believe, can bring out the best in me while also helping me grow from strength to strength.
  • To be absorbed by an educational institution in which my knowledge, skills and passions will be put to good use; to be the kind of student who bridges the gap between the process of learning and the idea of having fun while going about it.
  • I believe that success comes your way if you know where to look for it. For me, the sky has always been the limit. I am an ambitious student, not willing to be held back by mediocre challenges. An institution which is willing to fuel my ambitions and desire for success is the kind of institution I want to belong to. 
Above mentioned are few examples of personal mission statements for colleges. They can be of varying length and revolve around different objectives; however, meaningful ones do make a significant impact on the person who is going to decide if you can be taken into a particular college or not.

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