Are you the artsy sort? Do your friends and family members consider you one of the most creative people around? Here are a few courses in fine arts to help you get started!

Fine Arts Courses

“Yellow light is streaming down the balcony of a high raised building, two silhouettes are standing against the light; darkened shadows against a background of gold, one of them is holding a tiny little grey stone with a huge depression at one end, the other peering into the glittery galaxy within with awe and wonder in her eyes”. It could be a distant memory, a picture or a painting, but it is remembered nevertheless. Every vision has a feeling associated with it and if you are someone who can etch that picture in the head on to a canvas, or capture that moment in a camera or better still sculpt it with a different interpretation then you have all the makings of an art junkie! Someone who thrives in creating those memories, those instances in life that warm your heart and bring a tiny trickle down your eye or sometimes choke you with a big lump in your throat. Life’s lost imagery coming back to haunt you in a random painting; a nostalgic walk behind memory lane, sometimes sad, sometimes joyful. If you are someone who is fascinated by the art then read on to know about courses in fine arts.
Courses In Fine Arts
There exist both bachelors as well as Masters in fine arts. For the bachelors program a candidate should have completed his 10+2 from a recognized government educational board. The bachelors program is popularly called as BFA (bachelor of fine arts). Some institutes have a 4 year program where you get to choose a specialization in painting, applied art, fashion designing or textile designing. However if a candidate is interested in pursuing a Masters program, the candidate should have completed his graduation. Graduation can be done in any stream. Most universities have a separate entrance test to enroll into the masters program.
Details Of the Course
A bachelor of fine arts course is a very fun course to pursue and includes the following modules of study:
  • Drawing
  • Color Theory & Color Composition
  • 2D & 3D Animation
  • Indoor & Outdoor Drawing & Sketching
  • Still Life
  • Geometrical Drawing & Perspective Drawing
  • Silk Screen, Stencil Print
  • Calligraphy
  • Clay & Plaster Modeling
  • Collage Painting & Print Media
  • History of Art
  • Print Making
  • Computer Graphics
  •  Photography
  •  Mural Design
  • History of Modern Western Art
The masters program however is a an extremely specialized program. For instance, in the United States of America, MFA is usually taken up in following areas of study:
  • Photography
  • Applied Art
  • Fashion Designing
  • Cinematography
  • Art Direction
  • Commercial Art
  • World Theatre
  • Film Making
In India the courses are mainly art history based, where art in various periods from the Mauryan period to the Indus valley period is extensively studied. Temple architecture (stone sculptures) is another area of specialization. Cinematic influences on art and film history are the other areas of expertise people generally take up.
Skills Required
Talent is an in born thing, you either have it or you don’t. Fine arts is a creative field and only people with a natural flair for it can do well in it. It is essential to have an eye for detail and to be either able to imitate real life or to be able to create something purely out of the figment of your imagination. However it is also essential to remember that your creation; a painting, a movie, a photograph, an ad film or a wood carving should be able to strike a chord with the audience. They should be able to relate to the visual stimulant you provide, if your creation fails to do so, it has no value.
A MFA is usually the highest degree available in fine arts, however very few foreign universities do provide doctoral programs in fine arts, though the number of people opting for the same is quite few. For instance, in India there are no doctoral programs offered in fine arts.
Career Prospects
Depending on the kid of talent they possess, a fine arts graduate can find employment in a variety of different places. They can seek employment in advertising agencies, textile industry and media houses. Besides fine arts professionals can also work in production houses, theatre and drama houses. Many of them also opt for teaching as a career option.
Some Of The Institutes Offering Courses In Fine Arts
  • Savannah Fine Art College, Georgia,USA
  • School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago,USA
  • San Francisco Art Institute, USA
  • Chitrakala Parishat, Bangalore, India
  • Jamia Milia Islamia, Delhi, India
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Delhi, India
  • Banaras Hindu University, India
  • Loyola College, Chennai, India

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