How lovely a life it must be to live the life of a food and nutrition specialist. Read to know why!

Food and Nutrition Courses

Food is nature’s most valuable of gifts. To state the obvious, without food, we wouldn’t survive. To be more obvious, we all like food when it’s tasty. The tastier, the better!  Unfortunately the principle of life disallows us to consume all the good things in excess. Every pedestrian would be puffing away a cigarette while straddling the streets if not for the looming cancer threats. Similarly, caution that certain foods can lead to heart attacks has spread. This evident fact has tormented all foodies around the world, creating flurries of panic and eventually giving birth to what we call ‘nutrition’. Nutrition is what strikes a balance between pleasing our taste buds and not harassing our cardiovascular and digestive systems. Ponder over choosing a career in the upcoming field of food and nutrition as your eyes take a trip down this page.

Career in Food and Nutrition

Course Details
Courses in food and nutrition are widely available in specialized educational institutions. The course curriculum is finely aimed at equipping students with the set of methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into food for the consumption of humans and animals. Food processing is an essential part of preservation of foods and enhancement of flavour; however nutrition is the key factor in this course. Students hence require a good overview of the science involved in managing food and nutrition to promote health. To pursue a B.Sc. in ‘home science’ or ‘food technology’ or ‘food science’, one should have passed 10+2 examinations with physics, chemistry and biology as the main subjects. A passion and knack for cooking is certainly a strong criterion.

Career Prospects
As a food nutritionist, one is endowed with the skills and knowledge to improve another’s quality of life. Right from providing assistance in planning meals in times of old age, sickness or extreme stress, to advising them with regards to healthy eating- selection. Clientele for food nutritionists are perpetually on the rise as the era of junk food has irrevocably taken on a toll on many lives. Demand for food nutritionists is prevalent in hospitals that require their services for fixing nutritional regimens. Even athletes in physical training camps or mountaineers rely heavily on the instructions of a well qualified nutritionist. Moreover, even restaurants employ candidates with degrees in home science and specializations in food technology, nutrition or food services management!

Institutes Offering Courses In Food and Nutrition
Degree courses in Home Science, food technology and food science are offered by some very well known Indian Universities. MS University in Vadodara, Gujarat and Central Food Technology Research Institute, Mysore (with branches in Karnataka and Mumbai) offers BSc and M.Sc in Food Science. Fruit Technology Institute, Lucknow offers degree and diploma course in Food Technology while IGNOU offers a certificate course in food and nutrition. Ministry of Food and Civil Supplies has several Food and Nutrition Extension Centres in different parts of India. New York University and Minnesota State University are some of the best universities in the USA.

Earnings vary by industry, skill, geographic region, and educational level. At the entry level the food nutritionists earn about Rs. 10,000 to 15,000. It is advisable that some set up their own practice, if confidence levels are high. Gymnasiums, restaurants and hospitals generally offer Rs. 15,000 to 30,000 a month depending upon the job seeker’s qualification, and of course the standard of the particular enterprise.

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