Have you always been good at understanding the topology of a place? Then a career in geography is the way to go! Read on to know about courses in geography.

Geography Courses

Are you someone who is fascinated by the study of earth, its lands, features and inhabitants? Do certain earthly phenomenons tweak your curiosity? If the answer to both these questions is a booming yes, then geography is your forte. Studying geography can be a very challenging and fulfilling experience. It is a very wide area of study and you can specialize in cartography, oceanography or environmental issues that need a new line of thought. If the climatic changes that haunt our planet bog you down and you would like to understand them in more depth and probably even come up with efficient solutions, then a course in geography helps you achieve, all that and more! Read on to know all about the courses in geography and how you can make a career out of geography.
Career in Geography
A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum qualification in this course. The Bachelors program is 3 years long and is offered by many universities in India as well as abroad. The minimum qualification for this course is 10+2 from any recognized government educational board. There are Bachelor of arts as well as Bachelor of science courses that can be availed. After attaining the Bachelor degree, candidates can always pursue Masters/ MPhil or a Phd. They can choose from a wide variety of specializations, while pursuing their Masters. The Masters’ course is of 2 years duration and ends with a thesis presentation. Some universities also offer a five year integrated Masters and Phd program. Candidates looking at saving some time can avail for this course.
Details Of The Course
In the three years of the Bachelors course, the first year lays the foundation of the field. It makes a student adept in understanding and handling the subject. The study modules included in the first year are:
  • Water Resources: Clean & Dirty Water
  • Urban Geography with Fieldwork
  • Earth Surface Processes
  • Introduction to Human Geography
There are also field trips included which give the candidate an opportunity to understand the terrain and collect data.

The second year includes the following study modules:
  • High Mountain Environments
  • River Channel Forms & Dynamics
  • Mapping Changing Environments
  • Transport Geographies
  • Glacial Systems
  • Town Planning & Development Control
  • Landscape Change

The second year also includes a 3 month vacation to the Leh-Ladakh region or any one area of the candidate’s choice, where the candidate can pursue extensive research about the geography of the region.

The third year comprises of the following study modules and ends with a dissertation:
  • Glaciology & Hydrology
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Environmental Remote Sensing
  • Issues in Modern Transport Geography
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Auditing I
  • Environmental Impact Assessment & Auditing II
  • Cities: Planning Form & Environment
  • The Masters program includes the following modules for study.
  • Emerging Geographical Thought
  • Physical Landscape and Hydrology
  •  Advanced Geography
  • Physical Diagrams, Hydrology & Map Projections
  •  Spatial Analysis: Locational and Network
  • Advanced Geomorphology
  • Statistical Methods & Data Processing
  • Population Geography
  • Resource Planning
  • Advanced Cartography
  • Geography of Rural Settlements
  • Urban Geography
A candidate interested in specialization can specialize in the following areas of study:
  • Cartography
  •  Urban and Town Planning
  •  Regional Planning
  •  Physiography
  • Climatology
  •  Oceanography,
  • Population Studies,
  • Economic and Environmental Geography
Career Prospects
In the day and age of geographic information systems and satellite technology ,multiple career opportunities are available for geographers. They can work in government run organizations and research institutes as town planners, cartographers and environment resource allocators. They can also work in the meteorological department and aid in predicting variations in the climate. NGOs and other developmental agencies engaged in population studies, rural development and environmental issues also require geographers. Teaching is also a good option for geographers. Geological survey of India is one of the major sources of employment.
Some Of The Best Institutes offering Courses in Geography
  • Auburn University, USA
  • University of the District of Columbia, USA
  • California University of Pennsylavania, USA
  • University of Oregon, USA
  • Michigan State University, USA
  • Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology, Ahmedabad, India
  • Birla Institute of Technology, Ranchi, India
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, India
  • Aligarh Muslim University , Aligarh, India
  • Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, India

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