If assembling computers and browsing the web are two things you can't live without, this article will shed light on course that is absolutely made for you!

Hardware And Networking Courses

It’s amazing how an assembled computer of various physical parts has turned into such an indispensable requisite in almost everybody’s daily routine. Whether we need to work, research, entertain or communicate, a computer will always come to mind. Several alterations have befallen upon a common man’s lifestyle with the rise of technology. However, we must not forget that computers would cease to exist if not for its intricate hardware and life wouldn’t be so simple if not for the magnificence of networking. Networking enables two or more computer systems to share important information and data. Smooth functioning of computer systems and networks connecting servers around the globe necessitate the skills and expertise of a professional hardware and networking engineer. Information technology is the cornerstone of today’s flourishing world of business and is largely dependent upon the proper management and implementation of hardware and networking. A highly progressive field, hardware and networking hold tremendous promise for those studying to be professionals. Here are a few things an interested aspirant might want to ensure before walking the plank.

Career In Hardware And Networking

Eligibility And Skills Required
Any candidate seeking to excel in the hardware and networking work field must firstly pass the standard 10 + 2 years of education with preference mathematics, physics and chemistry as central subjects. Some institutes offering courses like BSc in IT may accept students from the commerce or arts background, provided they have taken mathematics as a subject with an aggregate above 50%. Recognized Engineering Institutions stipulate the requirement of containing a science background and decent score in the central entrance examination so as to pursue a ‘Bachelor of Engineering in Hardware & Networking’. Graduates generally move on to specialized diplomas and post graduate degrees to avail of competitive jobs. In terms of skills and abilities, a candidate must have an exceptional knack for handling computers and a tendency to grasp the techniques of computer programming. He or she should be able to work under extreme conditions of pressure.

Details Of The Course
Students training to design and supervise manufacturing as well as installation of hardware are subject to a wide array of hardware specific topics. Networking too disseminates knowledge that a student applies for the rest of his or her career. Course structures in this sector are broad, but very interesting nonetheless. Here are the details of the course.

  • Computer Architecture
  • CPU & Memory Organization
  • Generation of Computers
  • Data & Information
  • I/O Devices, Number System, Logic Gates &LAN System
  • Operating Systems
  • Account Fundamentals & Computer Accounting
  • Internet & HTML
  • Page Maker, Corel Draw, Photoshop
  • Programming Languages (Java, C++)
  • Introduction of Expansion Card
  • Assembling of Personal Computers
  • Installation of O/S and Application Software
  • Complete introduction & Troubleshooting
  • Monitor, LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, UPS.
  • Troubleshooting of Network
  • Diagnostic Tools of Internet & Networking
  • Downloading the Drivers from Internet
  • Scientific Modeling & Visualization
  • Installation Of Drivers
  • Required Accessories for Hardware & Networking Course
  • All generations Motherboard, Processor & RAM
  • Hard disk, Floppy disk, Pen drive, CD ROM & DVD writer
  • Soldering with Solder and Paste
  • Digital and Analog Multi-Meter
  • creating your own network
  • webservers, file servers, proxies & firewalls
  • Ethernet networks
  • Hub, switch &routers
  • SCSI and RAID hard drives 
  • Backup & network storage
  • Remote connection and Wireless networks
  • Electric protections (UPS or circuit breakers) 

Career Prospects
Job opportunities in the hardware and networking sector are immense. As corporate houses, industries and public sector undertakings are hugely dependent on IT, hardware and networking professionals are in demand! Well compensated offers stem from hardware manufacturing companies, system design companies, software companies, call centres, telecom companies, BPO companies, hardware repair shops and so on.  With an impressive qualification, such a professional has the benefit of excellent job security and steady income. One of the fastest growing occupations, computer hardware and networking has made headway over the years, even in public and private sector banks, financial institutions, school and colleges.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Hardware And Networking

  • Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Bangalore, India
  • Cornell University, New York, United States
  • New Delhi Institute of Technical Education, New Delhi, India
  • Institute of Hardware & Networking Technology, Lucknow, India
  • Blackpool and The Fylde College, Blackpool, United Kingdom
  • Bloomfield College, New Jersey, United States

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