Confidence is an essential pre-requisite to achieve success in any field of life. Find out more on importance of confidence in our life.

Importance of Confidence

Be it life, work, or business; having confidence is like having a prized asset that you can utilize anytime to get a bit of reward without it having to diminish or depreciate at all. On the contrary, if proper measures are adopted, the value of this asset can only appreciate with rewards multiplying manifold. How? It’s only with confidence that you’ll able to accomplish the things you’ve set out to achieve. Once achieved, it will bring satisfaction, peace, and a sense of accomplishment which will bring even more confidence. Whether it’s a decision to pop the question, a mid-life crisis, a job interview, an important meeting or presentation, negotiating salary hike with the boss, or the call of the nation; it’s only by sailing on the ship of confidence that one can make it to the shore. And once you have it, everything else that matters won’t lag behind but will show up soon. However, the right note to confidence lies somewhere between over-confidence and apprehension. Go through the part below to know more about the importance of confidence. 
Importance of Confidence 
It Reflects!
It’s not just all on the inside, it flows from within and radiates on the outside. How much confidence a person has reflects in his/her gait, mannerisms, body language, verbal skills, and an immaculate ability to carry himself/herself with flamboyance marked equally with responsibility. Just a firm handshake and a piercing eye contact are enough to convey confidence. Not to mention the sense of reverence that the confident person unintentionally receives; an added benefit. 
It’s Infectious!
Confidence is infectious and rubs off awfully quickly! Even a dull and morally low atmosphere can be stimulated by the presence of a confident person. It’s like with the arrival of such person, everything seems to get charged up. From the very particles in the air to the people present there to the surroundings, there is a new found zeal and enthusiasm that livens up the entirety. A person low on confidence, on the other hand, won’t be able to do as much as inducing someone to raise an eyebrow and a mere “eh”. 
People’s Person
Confident people are natural smooth talkers (that is not to say that they are flatterers) and have a knack of picking up anyone just with their words. This is because confidence allows one to stop spending too much time in self-analysis as to what anyone would think or how would he/she react or interact; rather, it lets one focus on the surroundings and recognize if someone is in need for some pep talk. And because of the good people skills of a confident person, many people often seek out such person to make themselves feel better. 
Directly Proportional to Success
Success is directly proportional to being confident. A confident person is sure of his/her own abilities and isn’t afraid to take risks, in personal and professional life. It’s also because confident people set attainable goals for themselves and work their way to achieve them. Remember, skills and special abilities are of no use if the person lacks the confidence to put them to proper use. Low confidence on the other hand, cripples both the mind and the body by putting a seed of self doubt in the person. 
Positive Thinking
You surely must have heard about the thing called 'positive thinking'. Great confidence exudes positive thinking, which, in turn, exudes more confidence. It helps one be a fighter in situations that are dicey and demand positive energy. It pulls the fear of failure out of the mind frame and replaces it with a sense of achievement; a belief that if things go wrong, they can be made right. 
Builds Self Esteem
Most of all, confidence is the stepping stone towards building a positive self esteem. It’s no good expecting others to respect you for what you are unless you respect yourself. However, you must learn to harness this energy in such a way that it doesn’t reflect you as being an over obsessed smug. Have ego but don’t be egoistic, have respect for yourself but don’t disrespect others, believe in your abilities but don’t disregard the talent of others, admit to where you’re wrong and acknowledge the good in others; it’s the mark of having a finely tuned self esteem that does not let one boast or think too proudly of oneself. 
Be confident; it’s the only way to go about in life. “Nothing succeeds like success”, they say. But if you are to get anywhere near that success, confidence is what will take you there and will sustain you for long.

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