Information Technology is one career path that won't leave you staring at a "No Vacancy" sign. Read this article for a detailed overview of this competitive field.

Information Technology Courses

Can you imagine a world sans information technology? No doubt, life would still exist, but not with the efficiency, and convenience that envelops us today. Information Technology or IT as it is popularly called is that binding force that allows us to manage, and control vital information by employing computer-based tools. Businesses and corporate institutions would crumble if the entity that is Information Technology abruptly vanished. Widely utilized in almost every sector of our economy, information technology comprises of hardware and software applications that effectively manage innumerable databases and files. Constant upgrading and development of these computer-based information systems is required as we live in a progressive and competitive era dominated by advanced technology. Companies seek bright and innovative minds to keep up with the zooming pace in the present world. IT is one of the most rapidly expanding fields, and deals essentially with securely converting, storing, processing, transmitting and retrieving information through the use of electronic devices and software. If you wish to be a part of this IT crowd, then read this article which outlines a brief overview of information technology as a course and a career.
Courses In Information Technology
Candidates who wish to qualify for a course in Information Technology needs to complete their 10+2 years of schooling or an equivalent. Admission for a B. Sc in Information technology will primarily be determined by one’s academic results in the subjects’ physics, mathematics, chemistry and computer science. Depending upon the college or institution, the applicant may have to appear for a computer based entrance exam. A candidate’s aptitude in computer science, and a background in electronics revealed in this examination is the decisive factor in the selection process.
Skills Required
The candidate should be proficient in computer skills, and have the ability to grasp the technicalities involved in this course. Skills vary from one’s ability to use, and comprehend softwares like Java, and one’s propensity to successfully diagnose a dysfunctional computer. He or she should also have a good command over the English language, both verbal and written.  
Details Of The Course Curriculum
Information Technology comprises a vast pool of technicalities and delicate information. It necessitates substantial time, effort and concentration from the students. To provide students with a thorough understanding of this continuously upcoming field, standard IT course structures includes the topics listed below:
  • Computer Programming
  • Data Structures
  • Mathematical Foundation of Computer Science
  • Digital Electronics
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Computer Based Numerical & Statistical Techniques
  • Microprogramming
  • Database Management System
  • Digital Communication
  • Mobile Computing
  • Memory Management
  • Computer Graphics
  • Network Programming
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Cryptography & Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Mining and Ware Housing Data Compression
Career Prospects
IT offers budding students with tremendous growth opportunities, and salaries that peak towards the sky. Information Technology can be applied to various sectors such as in the banking business, agriculture, healthcare and medicine, railways, forensic science, police, wireless, and in the education sector, the list is endless. So, a student of IT can find employment in any sector that uses softwares and computers, which is basically every sector. The expertise of an IT specialist is clearly indispensable to almost any organization! Right now some of the most prestigious organizations in the field of business are those that deal specifically in IT services. That is the beauty of Information Technology.
Some Of The Best Institutes Offering Courses In Information Technology
  • Harvard University, Massachusetts, USA
  • Assam Engineering College, Assam, India
  • Stanford University, California, USA
  • University of Leeds, UK
  • Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani, India
  • Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore, India

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