For those who love to adorn the house, why let this passion go down the hill, when you can make a lucrative career out of it? Explore the interior designing courses that are offered by various institutions.

Interior Designing Courses

Human beings are a settling down race. They want money, security and stability. And a common thing that features in the stability dreams of all mankind is 'Home Sweet Home'. A beautiful house is a dream that everyone nurtures. A humble abode with a room for every member, a balcony outside of every room, a swimming pool or two and a Jacuzzi to dip in and relax. But alas! That doesn’t come across as attainable when we look at the prices involved. And yet it doesn’t mean that people don’t get their dream homes. They do. And it’s all thanks to the interior designers. These wizards work their magic spell on our humble condos and turn them into private palaces to behold. And if you think you would want to do the exact same thing then read on to find out how these magicians learn their magic.
Courses In Interior Design
Course Details
The eligibility criteria in this regard are very flexible. For a Bachelor’s degree in interior designing one needs a 10+2 in any stream. Some colleges also have a criterion of 10+2 from Architectural background but that is a very rare phenomenon. For a Master’s in Interior designing, however, the candidate has to have a relevant graduate degree. There are various diploma courses at all levels which do not require any such criteria and can be undertaken by anyone who understands the nuances of colour combinations and is creative by nature. Creativity is the key in interior designing courses.
Details Of Course Curriculum
The course curriculum in interior designing encompasses everything from elementary designing basics to advanced courses like lighting, furniture designing etc. some of the common subjects covered in interior designing are:
  • Design Methods, Sociology, Psychology & Ethics in interior Decoration
  • Language of Design
  • Principles & Methods of Design Research
  • Landscaping
  • Climatology
  • Building services
  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Fengshui
  • Furniture design
  • Lighting & Electrical Appliances Designing
  • Assimilation of interiors such as furniture, lighting, shading & other materials
  • Fundamental of design
  • Elements and principles of design
  • Anthropometrics space design
  • Drafting & Dimensional drawing
  • Interior design (rooms)
  • Construction
  • Display
  • Engineering
The specialisations in this course largely pertain to the aspect of the decoration part that an applicant intends to take. Some of the major specialisations in this domain include:
  • Lighting & Electricals
  • Furniture Designing
  • Landscaping
  • Climatology
  • Building services
  • Vaastu Shastra
  • Fengshui
Skills Required
  • Creativity - is a must and defines the basis on which a candidate applies to a designing course
  • Technical Skills – because in recent times, most of the work being done in interiors is done on advanced softwares and other advanced applications.
  • Practical Skills - so that the designer can come up with ideas and concepts that are saleable and can pick up demand in the market by striking the right chord with the target customers.
  • Analytical skills - to help the designer understand the various trends in the market and make forecasts and newer ideas accordingly.
Career Prospects
The career prospects of an interior decorator can be seen in all those places where there is infrastructural growth. In the current times where luxury hotels, service apartments and deluxe guesthouses have become the cry of the hour, the demand for interior decoration has gone up exponentially. Even in the social circles, having a small but beautifully arranged and well-lit house is constantly on the rise thereby leading to a growing demand of interior decorators there as well. Also, with more and more families turning nuclear and with steeping real estate prices every small flat or condominium is become a rare jewel and each of these rare jewels is generating more and more interior interest. Hence, it can be safely said that employed or freelancing or entrepreneurial initiatives in this field are fast becoming the need of the hour and the future of interior decoration as a field is bright and prosperous.

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