Are you game for a high-stake career with exciting prospects and big moolahs? If yes, then checking out the following details on investment banking courses will set your career on a roll.

Investment Banking Courses

Wish to be the rock star of finance industry? If yes, then a high profile career in investment banking can be your ultimate step to stardom. While most people will tell you that a career in investment banking is not for the chicken heart and involves strenuous working hours and stressful, competitive environment, know that a career in investment banking can be anything between frantic frustrations to energetic elation. All said and done, know that a career in investment banking is indeed not an easy boat to catch and often require highly skillful, hardworking, versatile and nifty talents to leave an indelible job impression.  Above all else, it requires a degree to make the big bang. If you have the right skills, fortitude and the drive to make it big in investment sector, then getting a bachelor’s MBA and master's degrees would set your career on top gear. Read the following overview on course details in investment banking and give wings to your high-flying aspirations.
Courses In Investment Banking
Course Details
A career in investment banking offers topnotch prospects and outstanding paybacks. This high-stake profession warrants smart, sassy and skillful professionals with unplumbed knowledge of banking and finance and those armed with a graduate, MBA or master’s degree in has the utmost chances of making it big here. A bachelor’s degree in finance, business or accounting is the elementary educational prerequisite for all entry-level jobs. However, candidates vying for executive jobs should have a master’s degree in business administration coupled with prior field experience. The basic eligibility prerequisite for admission into a bachelor’s program is a high school diploma or its international equivalent. Students may also need to submit standardized test scores together with their test scores. A bachelor’s degree in investment banking or related area is the basic requirement for a postgraduate degree program. Students may need to offer a copy of a resume, a statement of intent or letters of recommendation on request. Candidates with a prior job experience will have an upper hand.
Details Of The Course Curriculum
The highly sophisticated branch of investment banking involves an in-depth study of finance, economics, statistics, accounting and business administration. The coursework is formulated to train the aspiring investment bankers on the nitty-gritty as well as the high complex operating functions of the business. The core curriculum usually involves:
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Communications and business
  • Taxation
  • Accounting
  • Human resource management
  • Value investing
  • Corporate finance and business
  • Statistics
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Investment analysis
  • Portfolio management
While a degree in investment banking can open doorways to most entry-level jobs, a specialized degree in other related areas can put one’s career on top. The common areas of specialization include:
  • Accounting
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Decision Sciences
  • Organization and Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Commercial Banking
  • Financial Engineering
  • Insurance & Risk Management
  •  Wealth Management
Skills Required
Do you aspire to be an investment-banking bigwig? Investment banking is an extremely competitive field that requires highly skillful individuals with strong analytical skills, excellent interpersonal traits and outstanding computer brilliance to succeed. Since a career in investment banking is nothing like the average nine to five jobs and involves late-night hours and infinite client demands, those armed with exceptional mental and emotional prowess and indefatigable work stamina is best suited for it. Aspiring investment bankers should be excellent team players and have high academic achievement, campus leadership positions, stellar communication skills and internships at well-regarded companies.
Career Prospects
If you wish to bank heavily on a career that comes loaded with whopping prospects and big bucks, a career in investment banking can put your ambition into action. Investment banking has come up as one of the most sought after careers today with promising avenues and exciting growth prospects. A degree in investment banking can very well put your ambitions on a high gear and get you some plump benefits. The job prospects ranges from government sectors to multi-national private sector jobs. This high-risk supercharged career offers client services in buying, selling, managing assets, trading securities and most importantly financial advice. Impressive remunerations and promising platforms are some of the big perks that comes tagged along with this profession.
Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally         
  • Boston College, Boston
  • Harvard Business School, Cambridge
  • Yale University, Connecticut
  • Princeton University, New Jersey
  • Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford
  • Wharton School, Pennsylvania
  • Duke University, North Carolina
  • University Of Michigan, Michigan
  • IIM, Kolkata
  • University Of Reading, Berkshire, UK
  • Symbiosis School of Banking Management, Pune
  • London Metropolitan University, UK
  • UUNZ Institute of Business, Australia

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