Jewelry design courses are crafted to train the creative minds on the nitty-gritty of the trade and designing. To know more on courses in jewelry design, read on.

Jewelry Design Courses

Want to have your gold and design it too? If designing is your forte and gems, jewels and precious stones your stuff, then a course in jewelry designing can leave you with a big grin and a lucrative career. Now only if you thought that jewelry designing was a cloistered trade, confined to goldsmiths alone, who passed down the tradition from one generation to another, here is a quick update for you. Today the art of jewelry making is no longer confined to secret family vaults, but has stepped out of the closet to the drawing boards and computer screens, thanks to the latest technological advancements. If you dream of a career in jewelry designing, then checking the following course detail on jewelry designing will leave you with a clue on how to go about it. Here is more on this.
Courses In Jewelry Design
Course Details 

Dream of a high-paying career that allows you to entwine your slick creativity with your passion? If yes, then a career in jewelry designing can put your career in a high order. Most designing and fine arts schools, offers several specialized and advanced course in jewelry designing. Aspiring designers with a penchant for gems and jewels can opt for associate degree programs or enroll in extensive graduate level courses for on-hand technical and creative training. Candidates registering for associate degree programs should possess high school diploma or its equivalent and may need to submit portfolio of their work as additional admission requirement. Individuals vying for bachelor’s degree program should be a high school graduate and must submit portfolios of their creative work together with standardized test scores. Applicants aiming for master’s degree program should have prior work experience in designing or any other art form and must be a graduate in jewelry designing.  

Details Of The Course Curriculum
The coursework for jewelry designing programs aims to acquaint the students with the skills of jewelry makers and offers them an extensive idea on the business, right from designing to manufacturing to marketing and more. Apart from providing the students with a fundamental understanding of the business and craft, it involves extensive studio work, study of art theory and criticism and more. The basic curriculum usually involves: 

  • History of jewelry design
  • Creative jewelry design
  • Jewelry repair
  • Jewelry presentation techniques
  • Metalsmithing
  • Stonesetting
  • Gemology
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Metals and jewelry rendering
  • Glassworking
  • Color theory
  • Enameling for jewelers
  • Jewelry studio design
  • Jewelry design theory
  • History of jewelry
  • Art criticism 

Students interested in a career in jeweler designing can pursue specialized courses for added expertise and enhanced creative portfolio. Some of the common areas of specialization are: 

  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Silver Jewelry
  • Accessory
  • Designer Jewelry
  • Gunsmith
  • Gem Analysis
  • Stone Setting
  • Locksmith
  • Diamond Jewelry
  • Metal and Jewelry Art 

Skills Required
The designing industry is fun, dynamic, exciting and fast-paced and offers humungous opportunities and it requires more than just creative spunk to make it big in this industry. Aspiring jewelry designers, apart from possessing a knack for designing and heart for precious gems and metals, should have exceptional drawing abilities, intense concentration and attention. Above everything else they should have the passion for designing. Other skills include patience, perseverance, dedication, excellent computer skills, great people’s skills and an innate understanding of contemporary as well as antique fashion trends. 

Career Prospects
The sizzling market for branded ornaments and designer accessories has catapulted the need for professional jewelry designers and gem appraisers today. Today jewelry designing is no longer confined to family trade, but has emerged as a lucrative career bet for anybody willing to cater to a niche market of designer customized jewelry pieces. With so many art and designing institutes catering to this industry need, there is abundant scope for aspiring jewelry designers. Candidates pursuing professional courses in jewelry designing can pursue career as commercial jewelry maker, costume jewelry maker, custom jewelry designer, jewelry buyer, jewelry appraiser, jewelry store salesperson, department store jewelry specialist, jewelry importer and more.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally  
  • Patsy Croft's Enameling School of Design, Alabama, USA
  • Pratt Institute, New York, USA
  • Indian Institute of Jewelry Design, Ahmedabad, India
  • The Fine Art of Wire Wrap Jewelry, Arizona, USA
  • World of Rocks, Michigan, USA
  • Design Centre Enmore - Sydney Institute, Sydney, Australia
  • Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York, USA
  • Conner Jeweler's School, Kentucky, USA
  • J. K . Diamonds Institute Of Gems & Jewelry, Mumbai, India
  • Studio Jewelers Ltd., New York, USA     
  • Jewelry Creations Workshop, Florida, USA
  • Jewelry Arts Institute, New York, USA
  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Tennessee, USA
  • Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, Canada

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