In order to make your letter of inquiry a winner and receive interview calls, you need to follow certain techniques. This write-up guides you as to how to write a letter of inquiry.

Letter Of Inquiry Sample

In a couple of months, you will be preparing for your final term papers and thereafter, you will be a free bird to explore your individual destinations. While you would be heading towards the fashion industry, your best friend is looking for a job at the management sector. Though the demands of each industry are different from the other, one thing that remains common for all the sectors, is that each candidate has to travel through certain common steps to establish himself/herself and move ahead. Amongst all, one is the entry into a company upon completing your graduation or diploma course. You may assume getting an entry level position in any organization to be simple, but hold on, that may be true only for small companies, as all multinational houses look for the best of the best. As such, amazing the recruiter with the first impression becomes very crucial, particularly with your letter of inquiry that talks about all the available positions in the company you wish to start off your career with. With a crisp language, apt words, and an accurate format, you can strike the recruiter at the first instance. For this, you surely have to draft a perfect professional letter, which can be done easily with the following guidelines. Do take a look at the sample letter of inquiry towards the end that can be of help to you in your drafting process.
General Guidelines
  • A letter of inquiry is not an informal letter that doesn’t seem to end at all. Hence, keep the letter short and brief, extending to not more than one side of an A4 page. Remember, the recruiters do not have time for reading irrelevant waffles which will only land your letter in the garbage.
  • Start off with an introductory paragraph that includes details about your background and educational qualifications.
  • Be clear about your purpose of writing the letter and make it interesting enough to keep the readers involved. State the kind of position you are suitable for. In case you are hoping for a higher position than your current designation, clearly state the same and also indicate the reasons for it.
  • Your purpose of mailing a letter of inquiry is to sell yourself to the company. Thus, include all the skills and experience you possess in the letter. Do this in the second and third paragraphs. However, avoid stating the details as your resume will do that job. Mention anything and everything that can make you stand out to the recruiter.
  • Close the letter on a short positive note about yourself in concise and affirmative words.
  • Never send the same letter of inquiry to multiple employers. Depending upon the company and position you are applying for, you should customize your letter of inquiry accordingly. In case you send a standard letter to all your employers, it would clearly indicate your lack of interest in research. As a result, you will not be able to grab even one opportunity.
How To Write A Letter Of Inquiry
Sample 1
Date of Letter
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Employer’s Name and Title
Employer’s Address
Dear (the concerned person),
I’ve learned about career opportunities at (company name) through the (university name) Placement Center. As a senior in the School of Business with a concentration in marketing, I am interested in securing a position in marketing. Enclosed is a copy of my resume. Currently, I am working for (company name) in (location), in an internship program, where I’m involved in marketing strategy research.
I have worked on three major marketing projects including an in-depth consumer behavior study on daycare centers. The results were compiled from questionnaire responses and computer-assisted statistical analysis.
I look forward to discussing my qualifications and how I can contribute my marketing abilities to your company. May I meet with you in the next week? I can be reached at (phone number) during working hours, or I will contact you next week.
(sign your name here)
Your Name
Enclosure: Resume
Sample 2
Employer’s Name
Employer’s Title
Employer’s Address
Dear (name of the concerned person),
I am a senior at the (name of the college), which is where I learned about (name of the company). I am interested in a job in your marketing department.
I have just finished my internship at (company’s name), and did another internship last semester at (company’s name). During these internships, I was involved in (name of the project) with (job responsibilities and what qualifies you to this job/career). I will be graduating in (month and year) with a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree. I have enclosed my resume for your reference.
I would like to meet with you and talk about how I can contribute to (company’s name). I will contact you within the next week to discuss my qualifications. You can also reach me at the contact information below. I look forward to speaking with you soon.
(sign your name here)
Your Name
Your City, State, and Zip Code
Your Phone Number
Your Email Address
Enclosure: Resume and Experience Certificate

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