What's the best way to state your expected salary requirements? Include it in the cover letter! Read more on how to add salary requirements in a cover letter.

Cover Letter With Salary Requirements

Listing your all your skills and dexterity in a single cover letter seems incomplete without mentioning exactly what you want the employer to know! Whether you agree or not, most people look for a job that pays them a salary worth their efforts. So, what’s wrong in asking for it? It is a common belief that you must never mention your salary unless explicitly requested for. The fact is that you must mention salary required in a letter to make things clear beforehand. But, this must be done with careful precision. If an employer feels you are demanding more than your credentials then you could very well be disqualified for the job. Chances are that if you ask for a low salary, you run the risk of getting only that much! Remember the job profile and your educational background while contemplating how much is the right amount. One of the most important tips given to job hunters is never to say a particular figure, instead give the employer a range. For example, rather than saying you want Rs.15500; a range of Rs.13000-16000 would be better. There are a number of ways to deal with this particular issue and the following section can help you mitigate related perils! Read on to know how exactly you can use your etiquette and convincing powers in these money matters.
How To Write A Cover Letter With Salary Requirements
Before starting to draft the cover letter with salary needs, review the points given below:
Don’t start writing yet! If you are determined to get hired then make sure you do the hard work. If an application asks for your opinion on how much you should receive as a salary then you must include it in the cover letter, without fail. Read about the company and the current recruitment policy to get an idea. Don’t forget to look through what other people in your position/career status are drawing in the industry.
Job Location
Salary varies from place to place. You cannot compare salaries of different countries and ask for the same! Cost of living determines how much you earn. Keep this in mind while conducting your investigation.
As mentioned earlier, it is important to mention a flexible range so that the employer is not thrown into a dilemma whether to keep you or not. By giving a range, you open doors for negotiations. Again, this doesn’t mean you have the liberty of giving any vague amount. Be practical and make sure you and your potential employer are on the same platform. Using appropriate figures gives the impression that you know what you’re talking about and not simply stating a random number.
Other Options
  • In case you are not really looking for a job with money in mind, then you could write a statement like this – ‘This job posting has asked for salary requirements but since I am flexible and eager to learn more about the position, I am flexible with the salary too’.
  • If you are confident of your selection since the description of the job suits your experience then you might even decline the request to mention salary. What you can include is: ‘I believe that I am capable of the post and would like to discuss the salary in person rather than in writing’.
Sample Cover Letter With Salary Requirements:

*Relevant designation*

*Address of the Employer*
Dear Ms. /Mr. *insert name*
I am privileged with an educational background of a Masters in Bioscience and have also worked for 1 year in my previous company. My experience in the field of biotechnology and specialisation in cell line development has brought me to this organization. I have noticed that your company is in accordance with my interests and that encourages me to look for a career here. I consider myself benefitted with the right skills and knowledge which would work towards achieving the aims of your institution.
As per the appeal, an acceptable salary range based on several factors and my research is *insert range*. My requirements are flexible and negotiable but my main aim is a job opportunity that suits my qualifications.
References will be provided on further request.
Thanking you,


*Name of sender*


Remember, a covering letter must be precise and to the point. Although it is the most obvious and boring part of a job hunt, it is almost inevitable. So, pull up your socks and do your bit of study before drafting the cover letter.

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