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Secretary Cover Letter

Finding the right secretary is quite a chore for most of the companies. Although work experience and basic educational background matters, what is more crucial is whether the candidate possesses the traits and qualities vested in an ideal secretary. If you are chasing the position of a secretary, be sure to write a cover letter with fervent clarity and conviction. An aspiring secretary must display his or her ability to concentrate on the assigned tasks and carry them out effectively. Their errands range from fixing appointments, filing and database, creating business letters, reports, and charts as well as graphs on the computer. Obviously an employer doesn’t expect you to mention each and every errand you’ve performed but to reveal your level of proficiency in them. He or she will scan your cover letter and decide whether or not to call you for an interview. Follow a few of the guidelines before and make your life a whole lot easier.

  • Enter your full name and address. Leave a one line gap to enter the date you intend on submitting your application. Follow this up with the hiring manager’s name and address of the concerned company. Be cautious not to misspell the hiring manger’s name. The moment you do that is the moment your résumé lands up in the bin. It will be impossible for the employer to trust you with a thousand and one files and business letters when you misspell his or her name.
  • Start off the first paragraph by stating that you wish to be the secretary and the rational reasons behind the aspiration. Briefly elucidate your professional background.
  • For the second paragraph, elaborate on your secondary credentials like what courses you have completed and from which institutes.  A little flowery language may help, but don’t go overboard. Stress on your skills and your abilities to meet deadlines.
  • Mention why you are so adamant and excited to be a part of the organization. Give the hiring manager a peek into the required virtues of sincerity and patience. List some of the things that appealed to you with regards to the particular company. Portray your enthusiasm in your words.
  • Jot down your skills and qualities in an easy-to-read bullet point format. The employer will be pleased by its time saving nature.
  • In the last paragraph, give the hiring manager a suitable date and time for which a meeting could be arranged. Or to be more polite, inquire when he or she would be free. Add your contact information at the end of this paragraph.
  • Avoid spelling and grammatical mistakes that will leave a negative impression on the hiring manager. Ask somebody to proofread it.
Sample Secretary Cover Letter

Fenyang Abrahem
45 Gaines Road
South Africa 369102

March 9, 2006

Mrs. Judy Keppler
Hiring Manager
Rusty & Ruffles Communications
91 Wicker Park
Vuvuzu, South Africa 369011

Dear Mr. Keppler:

I have been homebound for three years; right after my baby girl was born. Now I think it’s high time I get back into the groove of working. My sister’s fiancé Rupert Greggs worked with you three years ago and continues to rave about the company as a whole. Prior to my sabbatical, I was a secretary for an ophthalmologist as well an advertising agency. 
Combining the two and including my short term position as a personal assistant for a writer, I have altogether six and a half years of work experience. I took immense pride in handling the tasks that came my way. Be it writing letters, faxing reports, tracking and filing information, I picked up quickly. From what Rupert has told me and from what I have seen in the website, I anticipate a fantastic working experience from both ends. I promise to work as a team with other secretaries within the company.

If you wish to meet me in person to discuss my ability to do this job, please phone me at 397-4587. I'll arrange to come to your office at your convenience any weekday post 11:30 am. Thank you for considering me for this job.

Yours Sincerely,

Fenyang Abrahem

Enclosed: Resume and Recommendation Letters.

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