Don't blame your resume for not acquiring the right job. Many a times, it's your cover letter that needs to be worked on. Read on to learn how.

Resume Cover Letter

For every lock, there is a key. In the similar context- for every job résumé, there is a cover letter. You may be in possession of one of the most coveted résumé lying in the middle of an overflowing résumé stack. Nevertheless, if your cover letter fails to attract the employer’s immediate attention, chances of that coveted resume meeting the wastepaper basket rather than the employer’s eyes are exponentially high. Several applicants take cover letters for granted and they tend to frame it within seconds. Little do they realize that a poorly written cover letter eliminates scope for an interview.

 No doubt, updating your resume and highlighting all your accomplishments is important, but it might be skipped if the cover letter doesn’t depict adequate promise. Just like how one judges you soon after a handshake, an employer or hiring manger will judge you from the content of your cover letter. It is a very short and simple task, but ensure that you include whatever is relevant to the position that you have been yearning for. Linger on to this page to garner some of the best techniques to write a cover letter for your résumé.

Tips For Resume Cover Letter
  • Like any other formal correspondence, your cover letter must begin with your complete name and address on the upper left-hand corner of the page followed by the hiring manager’s name and address. Leave a gap to enter the date you intend on submitting your cover letter and attached résumé. 
  • Before you get into the body, enter an appropriate salutation followed by a comma or colon. If you are unaware of the concerned hiring manger’s name, address him or her as “Dear Hiring Manager” or “Dear Sir/Ma’am”.
  • Leave a line and get started with your first paragraph. Specify the position you seek in the company you are applying for and briefly state out your credentials and educational background.
  • In the second or middle paragraph, provide the reader or employer with a deeper insight into your qualifications and achievements. Highlight the accomplishments that are largely relevant to the industry you intend on joining and avoid stressing on the unrelated facts. That would unnecessarily stretch the letter and annoy the hiring manger who is likely to be pressed for time.  
  • Juxtapose the middle paragraph with a few sentences that reveal what you have learnt about the particular company and why you are so determined to be a part of it. Show some enthusiasm and dedication with regards to the applied position. Let the employer know that you’re willing to walk that extra mile to help the company achieve its set goals. 
  • The third and last paragraph must be short and precise. Mention your personal details and contact information which the recruiting staff will require. Do not forget to inform your date of availability for an interview. If you are currently employed in some other organization and wish to leave, mention your notice period and cause of resignation.
  • Close your letter with a “, Yours Sincerely” followed by your full name and signature. Add an enclosure indicating that you have attached your résumé and other important documents.
Sample Resume Cover Letter
Robsin D’Cruz,
36, Lake Forest Apts,
D.V.B Road, Shantinagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka.
Pin Code: 512778
Snigdha Patel,
HR Manager, Tech Haven Inc.,
Black Patrol Street,
Bangalore, Karnataka.
Pin Code: 512778

Date: 18th July 2010

Dear Ms. Patel,
I am extremely delighted to be applying for Systems Analyst position in your company. I trust that my qualifications and skills ideally match with the job profile of this position. I have a Bsc degree in Computer Science and three and half years of Computer Programming experience.

My Bachelor’s degree has given me a thorough understanding of SDLC phases. I also have an in-depth knowledge of Operating Systems and Programming Languages like Java and C++. In my current job, I have contributed to several projects involving reputed companies like McAfee, LTT and Juniper.
I like my present job a lot, but think it’s time I look for newer opportunities and challenges. I’m sure Tech Haven will give me that. I hope to receive a call or an e-mail from you soon. My Mobile number is 912345678 and Email id: [email protected] I will be available on Friday or Saturday for a personal meeting.

Yours Sincerely,

Robsin D’Cruz.

Enclosed: Resume.

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