Confused about writing cover letter for a teaching position? Check out sample teacher cover letter.

Cover Letter For A Teaching Position

Although the job of a teacher may not appear to be the world’s most coveted job, a large chunk of the masses have or continue to harbour the dream of being one someday. And soon enough, they realize that the acquiring that position isn’t exactly a piece of cake. Schools and colleges anticipate certain qualities to be embedded into an aspiring teacher’s profile. No doubt, qualifications, work experience and other achievements all play a prominent role in the school authorities recruiting process. However, they have no substantial evidence of whether the applicant possesses the essential traits or not, until they skim through the cover letter. Your persona as a potential teacher shines through in your cover letter. Crucial virtues of patience and sincerity are made visible in your cover letter. It’s important that you dedicate sufficient time and effort whilst framing your cover letter. Scroll down below to avail of a couple of cover letter writing instructions, streamlined for a teacher’s position.

Teacher Cover Letter Writing Tips
  • Begin with the basic elementary format of any formal correspondence. At the upper left-hand corner or in the letterhead, enter your name and address. Leave a short gap and fill in the date you intend to submit your application. Leave a few lines to enter the complete name and address of the principal or school/ college official that is assigned to hire teachers.
  • Before you draft your cover letter, it is important that you gather all the relevant details of the institution concerned. Contact the person who is responsible for the job you are applying for. Check for job vacancies and ask for the job requirements. Ask him or her for the name and address of the person you have to address the letter to.
  • Ensure that you restrict the content of your letter to one page. Three concise paragraphs should suffice. Excessive use of flowery language might put off the recruiters but a limited usage could work in your favor.
  • You must compulsorily start off with the purpose of your letter followed by the position you are seeking. How you learned of the position is optional. Nonetheless, if you have been advised to apply by a well-renowned teacher or person, who was or is associated with the particular institution, do not hesitate to mention so in the prior paragraphs. This is guaranteed to give you leverage.
  • In the middle paragraph, elaborate on what draws you to the position and why. Give a brief summary of your qualifications, specialities and a thorough background of your past teaching experiences. Do not forget to specify why you have selected that institution and highlight all the positive aspects you have noticed therein.
  • Close by expressing interest in an interview. Include your required personal details and contact information. State that you have attached your résumé. Thank the employer for considering your application. Terminate the cover letter with a “Yours Sincerely,” and sign below it. Avoid clichés like “I will wait faithfully for a reply”.

Sample Teacher Cover Letter
Yogesh Patel
16, Rover Apts,
Wisteria Avenue,
Brookeburne- 819013
26th March, 2010
Mr. Edward Yorke
Bambina Elementary School,
Convent Street,
Dear Principal,
I am thrilled to be applying for a teaching position in your well reputed school. I have graduated from Bloomberg Institute, North Carolina in 2005 and currently hold a B.Ed degree. Having taught third and fourth graders in about three urban schools, many would agree that I developed an exceptional knack for teaching.
For the past three months, I have been teaching Geography and Mathematics at the elementary level and enjoy every second of it. My position has encouraged me to infuse my teaching methods with creativity, fun and vocational learning.
I always harboured a strange passion for horses. This passion encouraged me to work for the Racing Museum as a stopgap. Although, this stint might seem irrelevant to my teaching career, it enhanced my identity as a unique teacher and enables me to organize exciting yet educational field trips for all my students.
My long lasting goal is to boost my teaching spirit and to positively contribute to your school district. I hope to hear from you soon, but only at a date and time convenient for you.
Yours Sincerely, 

Yogesh Patel

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