Looking for a new accountancy position? Here are some tips on how to write a cover letter that is bound to get you a call back.

Accountant Cover Letter

Applying for a new job can be a harrowing affair, with a lot of other people doting for the same position; it becomes essential to stand out in a milling crowd. One of the first steps involved in the whole process of job seeking is to impress the employer with the written word and a cover later is that wondrous tool that helps you achieve it. It is always attached with the resume, and one of the first things an employer looks at, therefore it becomes a bare necessity that it is relevant and an eye catcher. A cover letter is something that needs to be customized based on the kind of job you are seeking. If you are the whiz with numbers, who is in charge of all the moolah your company makes, and also keep a track of the incredibly cumbersome credit and debit issues, then accountancy is your forte. The art of “book keeping” goes back centuries ago and an accountant by far is the right hand man of every enterprise. “There are only two people in this world you don’t lie to; your accountant and your lawyer!” this is one of the golden rules of any business enterprise. Even though they are highly sought after, they are also dime a dozen. If you are one of those struggling accountants trying to break in to a firm where you are no longer the invisible shadow who does the math, then here are some tips on how to make your cover letter impressive.
Cover Letters For Accounting Jobs
  • The first fundamental quality an employer is looking for is your knowledge of accounting. Your cover letter must highlight this fact. Your educational background and your proficiency in handling different accounting software’s should be stated.
  • The next thing that will ride you through is enthusiasm; express your keenness in working for the organization. Describe your previous achievements in the organization you worked for before, use action words like “modeled a new scheme that motivated employees to invest in the company” or “reduced nonperforming assets by 25% within the first quarter”. Action words give the employer an impression that you are a resulted oriented person, who knows his numbers well.
  • Research about the company before writing your cover letter. If it is a big company, which has gone public see if you can get your hands on their annual financial reports. Any HR manager would appreciate the research. However, also make sure that you get your facts right, wrong or nullified information can put you in a real embarrassing situation.
  • When it comes to formatting your cover letter, the first paragraph must entail general introduction, what position you are applying for, what you think about the company and how you fit the bill, as far as their requirements are concerned.
  • The second paragraph must entail your accomplishments, previous work experience and any other skills/ tools, which are required for the position. Make sure that the content is bulleted and concise. A HR manager will at the most spend around 3-4 minutes on your cover letter, therefore making it more readable is extremely essential.
  • Thank the addressee in the last paragraph and end the cover letter on a positive note. Give your contact information in full at the top of the letter, matching the header of your resume.
  • Proof read your resume at least two times for spelling, grammar, and flow. Do not make any mistakes when it comes to these three aspects, it is considered a cardinal sin if you go wrong in grammar and spelling.
  • Use the same heading as your resume and keep using the HR managers name; this will make your cover letter more personalized.
  • Lastly and the most important thing is that your cover letter must ask for an interview. Do not turn your cover letter into a resume and forget to mention an interview! 

Sample Accountant Cover Letter
Geetanjali Bruhatungam
#56, 25th main, 6th cross, new Tippasandra , Bangalore-560035
Phone: 080-26667895, Email: [email protected],
August 20,2010
Mr Vijayraghavan
#33, 10th main road
Dear Mr Vijayraghavan,
I am writing with reference to your advertisement in the local Employment News magazine for want of a senior accountant. I consider that my credentials and interests match with your requirement and want to apply for the same.

Presently I am deputed as a senior accountant at Regional Accounts Inc. for the last two years. During these years, I have equipped myself with all accounting functions, which include:
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Billing and providing administrative support to the management.
I also have Strong aptitude with Peachtree and MS Office packages like Access, Excel and PowerPoint. I am also adept with tally and other accounting software packages.
Although I am enjoying my present job, I am looking out for new opportunities in the same field. I will be contacting you on Friday, 22nd August, to arrange a personal meeting and discuss the prospect.
Geetajali Bruhatungam
  1. Resume
  2. Experience Certificate

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