Are you looking for a sample cover letter for a particular internship? This article provides you with an internship cover letter template and also explains an effective way to present it!

Internship Cover Letter Template

Cover letters are important yard sticks which are often used by recruiters to evaluate the competency of a job/internship seeker. It serves as a prologue to your curriculum vitae. Making a cover letter demands the same care and attention, as drafting an appealing resume. Addressing this letter also requires quite a bit of thought. When you are applying for an internship, the letter of introduction must be addressed to a specific person instead of ‘To whomsoever it may concern’. Also, the letter must do due justice to your education and requirements while staying a one-pager at the same time. Through this letter of introduction, you can communicate your passion for your career to the addressee. This is where you explain why are you suitable for the task/project/job at hand. Remember, that a cover letter is only an introduction to your resume. You mustn’t attempt to list all your skills and experience in this document — it is only a synopsis to the main content. Also, when applying for an internship, you cannot stress too much on prior work experience hence, use the cover letter to showcase your personality and zeal. Keen on learning more? Scroll down through the internship resume template given below!
Cover Letter For Internship
Sample Template – 1 
Your Name
Contact Details (With Phone Number)
Name of the person (addressee)
Name of the company
Address of the company
Dear Mr. /Ms. (Last name of the person),

I am taking this opportunity to let you know about my interest for the post of “name of the post” in your esteemed organization as indicated in the “name of the university” career services.

I am a fresh graduate in “subject” with a prior internship experience as “name of the post” with “name of the organization”. I am confident that my knowledge, personal qualities as well as my experience will help me render my best to the growth of your organization. I value the opportunity to work with you as you are one among the leading organizations in this domain and hence, can provide me with great experience.

If possible, I would like to have a meeting with you. I will be best reachable on the number and email address provided.

References will be provided on request.
(Your name).

Please find attached the resume.

Sample Template – 2
Your Name
Contact Details (including phone number and email address)
Name of the person (Addressee)
Address of the organization
Hello Sir/ Madam,

Pleased to know that you are hiring interns to work with your esteemed organization. I am a fresh graduate in “your subject” with a sound academic background and am interested in taking advantage of this valuable opportunity.

With the backing of my course and passion, I have a strong desire to establish myself in this career and so, an opportunity to work with a leading firm like yours is appreciated very much. I am sure that this would benefit us mutually. I can contribute to the growth of the organization with my motivation, knowledge, confidence, communication skills and personal qualities and believe that an internship with your firm would be an excellent start for my career.

Please do consider my case. I will be reachable on the number and email address provided.

References will be provided on request. Please find attached my resume.
(Your name)
Above mentioned are two sample templates of an internship cover letter. You can adjust and adopt whichever template best matches your profile. Remember that this is an ideal size of a cover letter. Hope these examples have helped you in framing the resume for the career of your dreams!

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