A career in logistic management will provide you with a promising and a rewarding job profile. Read on and grab the opportunities made available by this field of study.

Logistics Management Courses

The word ‘logistics’ was first used in the early 1990s when the producers and manufacturers of both private and public sector companies had to meet increasing competition in the market due to globalization and liberalisation. Logistics management encapsulates all the activities that take place from when the product is produced, till the time it reaches the customers hand. Logistic management is a field of management that deals with the planning and forecasting, purchasing, assembling of the product, moving, storing and keeping a track on the stock of the product. It is the responsibility of a logistics manager to plan and control the effective and timely transfer of the finished, packed products into the market and also to keep a track of the sale and storage of the product. The logistics department needs to work in collaboration with the purchasing officers, transport and warehouse managers and many such interlinked departments in order to ensure the availability of the items when and where it is needed. Mentioned here are some details with regard to a career in logistics management.

Courses In Logistics Management

Course Details
Logistic management is a professional field and there are many courses provided by renowned institutions in the country training young aspirants to take up management portfolios. Most of the courses available in logistics management are that of post graduation and diplomas, though there are some institutions providing bachelors degrees in logistics management as well. A candidate pursuing a career in logistics can opt for a bachelors of arts in logistic management supplies, or for a bachelor of science in logistics technology. The bachelors program in logistic management is a 4 years program which requires a candidate to have cleared 10+2 in any discipline. Students from a science background have an added advantage as the bachelors of science in logistic management requires a candidate to have good knowledge of mathematics. Students with a bachelors degree and good communication skills stand eligible for a master’s of science in logistics management course. Students with a year of experience have an added advantage and an edge over other candidates. 

Career Prospects
Both private and government agencies are always on the hunt for graduates in logistics management. Graduates in logistics management can find an array of career opportunities in government agencies, hospitals, hotel chains, trucking and retail firms among others. Educated professionals can also work in the field of materials transportation and inventory control. Clearing and forwarding companies, freight forwarding organizations, courier firms and supply chain management enterprises are always in search for logistics managers in order to meet the market requirements. Jobs are also available as transportation managers, distribution managers, storage managers and logistics managers in companies with manufacturing and distribution operations.

Institutes Offering
There are a plenty of options for young aspirants when it comes to educational institutions offering courses in logistic management. Some of the renowned and most famous institutions in India are Asian Council Logistics Management, Park Street, Kolkata, Indian Institute of Materials Management, Navi Mumbai, The School of Business Logistics, Chennai, CII Institute of Logistics, Chennai, Institute of Logistics and Aviation management.

Bachelors with no experience can expect a salary between Rs. 10 – 20,000 per month. With few years of experience and with higher education in the field can earn remuneration around Rs. 20 – 30,000.

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