Infuse some excitement into the hectic and monotonous environment of your office with these fun games. Read the following article to know some interesting office games that you can play in office.

Office Games To Play

For those who argue that office is the place to work and not play, here is a little bit of calculation for you. We have 24 hours in a day; out of which 8 hours is spend in slumber. In the rest 16 hours, we spend around 8-9 hours in office, which leaves us with only 7 to 8 hours. In these 7 to 8 hours, we spend a considerable part of it traveling, eating, refreshing ourselves, watching television and sometimes even completing office work at home. So, where on earth is the time to play? Most of our social time is spent at office and socializing is limited to office colleagues and not friends or family members. As such, it becomes very important to indulge in lighter moments once in a while so as to relieve ourselves and ease off the stress. Also, it is a known fact that no person can actively work for the whole 8-9 hours at office. Productivity decreases as the day progresses and at some part of the day, the person has no energy to go on. It is then that the person should know how to relax, in order to survive the work pressure and bid adieu the stress. And what better way to ease off the pressure than to indulge in some fun games. Remember the good old childhood days when you played and alleviated all the strain of studying! You can apply the same technique at your workplace as well, albeit with different short and entertaining games. Here is a list of office games that you can choose to play in the office with your colleagues, without the risk of breaking any rules and office property.  
Office Games To Play
Whiteboard Fun
This game is really great fun; all you need is to transform the whiteboard of your conference room into a giant game board. Now invite your co-workers into the "Question Game." Start writing a question, such as "What is your all-time favorite book?" and encourage your co-workers to write their answers alongside their initials. When there will no space left on the board, ask your co-workers to come up with a new question to write on board. This game will help you know your co-workers well and facilitate you in learning some surprising facts about each of them. It is a perfect game to break the monotonous routine of the office.
Throw Paper
This is a very interesting and funny game and involves a dustbin to throw paper balls. You can either play it with a single dustbin in which you and your co-workers could throw paper balls or you can use two dustbins each on different side and then throw paper balls on the dustbin on the other side. This game can be easily played between you and your co-worker during office hours but be careful about not disturbing others. Whoever throws the highest number of paper balls inside the bin gets treated by the other for a cup of coffee or a glass of cold drink.
I Admire My Colleagues
This is a great game which helps in bonding between employees. Cut out a big heart out from a sheet of paper. Now ask all your co-workers to stand in a circle. Inform them about the guideline of saying one good thing about any of their colleagues. One is free to say whatever he feels good about the person. Each person has to come and hold the paper out towards the particular person and say about his feelings towards him/her. The game continues till the heart is passed on from one person to another and no one is left to say anything further.
You can send a common email to your co-workers informing about the office game "Nostalgia" and ask each of them to bring a childhood picture of them, which will be collected by a designated photo collector. Then, the photos would be stapled to the bulletin board in a random order. Now, create a header that says, "Who's who?" and staple blank name cards beneath the photos. Call the employees one by one and ask them to write down their guesses with a pen. The co-workers will not only enjoy guessing, but will also see a different side of their colleagues.
Charades can be a very interesting and funny office game. In order to play this game, you need to divide your colleagues into two teams. Now, invite one of the team members to come, pick of a chit and draw something on a sheet of paper that indicates what is written on the chit. The other team members have to guess what the drawn figure can be. On every correct guess, they will be given five points. Similarly, the game is played with the other team too. In the end, the team with the highest number of points wins. You can make it more interesting by adding the rule that the losing team will contribute money and will take the winning team out for lunch.
Hope that you have enjoyed these simple but funny office games. Use them to play with your coworkers and enjoy some relaxing time in between office hours!

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