Wish to have a high-flying career in travel and tourism? Then checking out the following courses in travel and tourism can leave you with more ideas.

Travel and Tourism Courses

Are you eyeing a dynamic career that allows you optimum scope to explore the world as you go on with your business? If yes, then a degree in travel and tourism can land you in the right job. Travel and tourism has emerged as one of the most high-flying career options for ambitious wannabes wanting to make it big in their career with plenty of big bucks and quite a few perks involved in it. If the prospects of travel and tourism industry sound good enough to your ears, then getting a professional degree in travel and tourism can give you an upper hand. Check out the following course details on travel and tourism to know more about it.

Courses in Travel and Tourism

Course Details

If a career in tourism is what you have in mind, then getting a graduate or a postgraduate degree in travel and tourism can take your career to places. Candidates interested in the travel profession can opt for associate degree courses, or switch on to various online degrees programs to get an edge over their career. Aspiring individuals opting for associate degrees or bachelor’s degrees in travel and tourism should submit transcripts of their high school grades and must take up placement exams to qualify. Candidates going for a masters degree or other postgraduate level courses in travel science should have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and may need to furnish test scores and college grades on request.

Details Of The Course Curriculum
Travel and tourism courses aims to introduce aspiring individuals to the fascinating world of travel business and equip them with a sound knowledge of the various facets of the tourism and hospitality industries. Apart from educating the students on the marketing, planning and management aspects of the tourism profession, it instructs individuals on the history, ethics and the skills of the trade. The basic coursework of travel and tourism concentrates on:

  • Tourism management
  • Event planning
  • Group tour operations
  • Hospitality management 
  • Marketing
  • Restaurant management
  • Geography
  • Financing and development
  • Travel technology and microcomputers
  • Hospitality and tourism marketing
  • Careers in travel industry
  • Financial risk management in travel
  • Travel and tourism law
  • Travel economics
  • International business

The burgeoning domain of travel and tourism is not confined to just one single thing, but extends its wings to various other related sectors like hospitality and hotel industries and more. Aspirants wanting to make it big in the highly competitive arena of travel and tourism can thus benefit with specialized degrees in the following areas:

  • Business Programs
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality Management
  • Resort Management Degrees
  • Hotel Management
  • Spa Management
  • Tourism Promotion Operations
  • Restaurant Management
  • Marketing for Travel and Tourism Operations

Skills Required
A successful career in the travel and tourism industry takes more than just a degree or the desire to explore the unknown and the unseen. If you are game for a career in the tourism business, then having a couple of essential skills can catapult your career to great heights. Apart from possessing excellent marketing, management and planning skills, individuals should have a thorough understanding of accounting, business administration, computer and travel management. Other key skills required for this trade are discipline, organization, accuracy, professionalism, courteousness, exceptional writing and speaking abilities and impressive interpersonal skills. One should also be willing to learn and adapt new things to match up to the evolving trend of this industry.

Career Prospects
The domain of travel and tourism is a roaring one with plenty of exciting opportunities for young professionals wanting to create a career niche in it. It is deemed as one of the fastest growing and the most flourishing sectors in world economy with humungous prospects. Acquiring a formal degree in travel and tourism can leave you with diverse job profiles in both public and private sector industries. One can expect to find jobs in travel agencies, governmental organizations, the airline industry or work independently as a travel agent. However, those wishing to take up the job of a travel agent may need to obtain a valid license before taking up the job. One can also choose to serve in the hotel industry or join hospitality business after getting a specialized degree.

Some Of The Best Institutes Offering This Course Globally         
  • Travel Institute of the Pacific, Hawaii
  • Kensington College of Business, London
  • Amity Institute of Travel and Tourism (AITT), Noida
  • Thames Valley University, Berkshire
  • University Of Florida, Florida
  • Sir George Seymour National College of Airline, Travel and Tourism , New Zealand
  • Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, Brisbane
  • University of Oregon, Oregon
  • International Travel College , New Zealand     
  • International Institute of Aviation & Tourism Management (IIATM), New Delhi  
  • William Angliss Institute, Melbourne
  • Eastern Institute of Technology, New Zealand
  • Group Colleges Australia, Australia
  • Oxford House College, London      
  • Michigan State University, Michigan

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